The Video Games That Contain Art. Literally.

The Video Games That Contain Art. Literally.

No tired old arguments here today. Today, we're looking at the examples of video games that contain works of art.

The Video Game Art Archive is a collection of instances in games where some of the greatest paintings in history find their way onto bitmapped walls. There are also collections of original art you can find that's a little less classic.

Some of the games, like Gabriel Knight, you'd expect it. Others, like Earthworm Jim, less so.

None can match Mass Effect's use of the classics, but it's still super interesting to see, especially the caricatures artists had to use on older systems.

Video Game Art Archive [Site, via Edge]

The Video Games That Contain Art. Literally.


    Abstergo Entertainment in AC4 had some nice naval paintings on the walls. I recall some from Amnesia A Machine for Pigs that were good also. Some of the art I would legit have in my home. The developers populated the walls with their own artwork in area transitions.

    The first act of Sherlock Holmes versus Arsène Lupin (aka Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis) takes place in the National Gallery of England.

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