The Walking Dead In Real Life Is Terrifyingly Awesome

The Walking Dead (the TV show, not the game) is set to hit airwaves again this Sunday in the US and, to celebrate, the show's marketing machine put together up a fairly awesome set up, placing actors dressed as zombies underneath the city with the intention of scaring the ever loving shit out of New Yorkers.

I'm a big fan of watching people get the shit scared out of them. Other people's misfortune pleases me greatly.

It's a great idea, placing them under a retro-fitted sewer grate. Way better than having them leap out of a bin or something dull like that. My personal favourite is the guy who almost bowled over his lady friend trying to escape. Like George Constanza trying to escape through a fire escape.


    All fun and games til a newyorker shoots them in the head :O

    Wonder how long til someone uses the 'I seriously thought it was a zombie!' defence in court and gets away with it???

      the biggest threat in new york are the police, not the citizenry. On the other hand those zombies all look caucasian so the police are less likely to shoot first and ask questions later.

        i was under the impression that up until the early 90's? New York was a very very dangerous place.

        Then the police did a "revamp" and started hitting the streets hard resulting in a massive cleanup. I thought new york was really "safe" now?

    Isn't it great that in the event of a zombie outbreak the first waves of deaths will be startled, then have a giggle and joke, then be devoured...

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