The Walking Dead Season Two Continues Next Week. Until Then, Trailer.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014 marks the continuation of Clementine's undead-tainted coming-of-age tale on the PlayStation 3 in "A House Divided", as teased by this star-studded trailer. I really need to catch up.

I'm still on the final episode of the first season of Telltale's The Walking Dead series, having been sidetracked by all sorts of far less important things, like health procedures and making sure my children don't eat poison. About time I get my priorities straight.

The PlayStation blog delivered the 4 March release date this morning, so of course the news is PS3-centric, but the Xbox 360, PC and iOS versions usually aren't far behind. The PlayStation blog also notes that the Vita version of Season Two is coming out at the end of March, with both the first and second episodes accounted for.


    So March 4 for America meaning March 5th for Australia, or is that a definite March 4th for Australia?

    Oh shit! I need to play Episode 1 and buy the season pass!

    I don't know if 'excited' is the right word when it comes to something like this but I can't wait either way.

    When I saw "A House Divided" I immediately thought of the Victoria 2 expansion.
    Zombies in the Civil War? Awesome.

    I know everyone's raving about this, but hell, I just want more Sam & Max games.

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