There Is An Australian Video Game Called 'Bonza'...

And this makes me really happy indeed.

Bonza is a really slick looking puzzle game that's a little bit like a crossword puzzle mixed with a Rubik's Cube. It looks sort of fantastic, with a delicate learning curve. I suspect it will eventually become so nose-hair rippingly difficult towards the end and I'm already looking forward to that challenge.

Also: it's called Bonza. That's just so awesome.


    Can I get a game about the internet in Australia?

    The title can be Straya.

      It'd be called "Slow as a bloody wet week" cobber.

    At first I was slightly dissapointed it wasn't something big and exciting but after watching the video, I think This looks very fun.

    Checked the site, looks like they are already quoting you Mark.
    "bit like a crossword puzzle mixed with a Rubik’s Cube" - Mark Serrels, Kotaku

    That was quick!

    Sadly doesn't hit IOS till March 20, and as cool as this looks, I will have forgotten about it by then.

      Guess you should have gotten a device with Google calendar. Oh well.

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