These New Screenshots Of Alien: Isolation Have My Attention

I'm slowly coming round to Alien: Isolation. After the debacle that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, it's easy to be cynical about any and all games from SEGA based in the Alien universe, but this game is talking the talk. The developers are saying the right things and Alien: Isolation, more and more, seems like the kind of legit survival-horror title I want to play so badly.

The game's marketing is littered with words like 'atmospheric'. There is a clear attempt to distance the series from the idea of frantic, gun-based action. This is a hugely positive thing. I want to play an Alien game that feels tense, where the alien (or aliens) feel like something I have to run away from, something I should be terrified of.

These new screenshots do little to give us an idea of how Alien: Isolation will play, but I did notice a few things. To begin with, the infamous motion tracker is present in many shots. That says to me the game will focus on exploration. That's awesome.

Secondly, there aren't any enemies in any of the shots. Crucially, there aren't any aliens. This is also a positive as far as I'm concerned.

Alien: Isolation. You had my attention, now you have my curiosity.

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    definately looking forward to this. As someone who enjoyed playing Amnesia DD late at night due to the creepyness, I hope this game follows suit.

      Hopefully the developers take several cues from Amnesia DD. Not to say that they copy everything of course, but emphasising the need to intermittently hide while waiting for the threat to pass would be a great inclusion.

    This game can be good, the lesson learnt from Colonial Marines is don't blindly pre-order...

    I hope this game is good, but I hope some gamers exhibit patience when buying it.

    Imagine the shitstorm if it got fucked up twice

      How can you have a shitstorm when only about 0.0001% of the population cares?

        Well there was an outcry when Colonial Marines was fucked up, so when someone else gets another chance to redeem the Alien series as a viable survival horror genre, I'm sure people are interested

    The pre-release screens of Colonial Marines grabbed my attention too and it turned out to be a steaming pile of pap.

    I hope this is good and I also hope that SEGA learn how to be a decent publisher again and stop forcing deadlines and release dates on developers

    I want this for the Wii-U

    The original colonial marines announcement was what got me excited for the Wii-U, the idea of having the motion sensor in your actual hand, the need to take your eyes from the screen to look at it increasing tension, I thought an Aliens game, and the Wii-U extra screen were going to define that kind of dual-screen gaming.


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