These Simulator Games Are Crazy, And You Can Buy Them All For $4...

Agricultural Simulator, Skyscraper Simulator, there's even a Woodcutter Simulator. I don't even know how you could possibly simulate woodcutting... how do you make a video game out of that? You can buy all these games and more for less than $4.

Sim games are crazy. I find them to be such a curiosity. There's clearly a market for these games because they keep being made, but the simulators just become more and more obscure and crazy.

This sale features eight games in total.

— Ship Simulator Extremes — Lunar Flight — Dogfight 1942 — Bridge It — Airport Simulator 2014 — Skyscraper Simulator — Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming — Woodcutter Simulator 2013

I love that there are people out there buying these insane, off the wall games. Every time I see one of them on Steam I just sort of shake my head in disbelief. But these games exist. People play them.

Maybe there's something to it? Maybe I'm missing out!


    ummm... so is there a sale? no links?

      Pretty sure it's this bundle.

        yeah that's the one. Looks like there is a link there now :)

    I enjoy most simulators, and I think its because I am just a curious person who likes to know the ins and outs of things.

    Come on, no goat simulator????

    No goat, no buy.

      What exactly do you expect to do in this 'goat' simulator of yours?
        Climbing ladders and running into traffic seems to be the core gameplay.


    They should go all meta and make Simulator Game Simulator where you control a person playing something like Farming Simulator 2013

      If it has controls like Surgeon Simulator 2013, count me in.

    Oooh, Skyscraper Simulator. I've always wanted to be a tall building in the middle of the city, peacefully passing my days reaching for the sky while people flow through my veins.

      And the grim prospect of suicide jumpers

      Last edited 05/02/14 3:58 pm

    That bridge it game is proboly worth $4.........the rest I have not played. With most of these sims I want to play them and for them to be good but In reality they aren't worth money.......some are so frustrating to play I feel they should be paying me!! Then again maybe the control set up makes perfect sence in the eastern block??

    Last edited 05/02/14 4:15 pm

    I used to laugh and shake my head at Euro Truck Simulator too, then I gave it a go.
    *alt+tabs back to ETS2*

    Bridge It is great and I'd probably pay $1.50 for dogfight so it's probably worth value for bridge builder alone. I wish I knew if any of these other games were interesting.

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