Things That Superheroes Do That Are Actually Really Weird In Real Life

For a superhero, having a sidekick isn’t so unusual — it’s practically a cliche. But in real life? The practice might be considered a little creepy.

That’s just one funny example of many highlighted by Buzzfeed here — makes you wonder, are the eccentricities worth tolerating if it means you have a hero that will save you when you need it?

Then again, maybe things are better if we don’t overthink the weird parts…

Things Superheroes Do That’d Be Creepy If You Did Them [Buzzfeed]


  • #1 Super heroes costumes are descended from the wrestling costumes of the 30’s they don’t wear their underwear outside their clothes they wear tiny shorts over a leotard. It’s no less creepy out of context.

    #2 There was an Era where you could get away with wearing a cape.

    #3 Having a Sidekick is like Having an Apprentice. Since some trades still use the apprentice system only the presentation in the Video made it creepy. If he introduced the kid as the Mail Room boy or new Intern it would have been fine.

    • Kotaku US hasn’t been a gaming news feed site for several years now. It’s just recently that it seems to have stopped caring about maintaining any pretense of it and post anything they find personally interesting.

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