This Insane Way To Use An Oculus Rift Is Showing In Melbourne

The issue of how to navigate space in virtual reality is an important one. Do you create a weird treadmill style set up? Do you simply use a controller? Why not just create an actual real life room, then build that same room, to the precise same specifications, in the virtual world, then allow people to explore that space? That'd be one (crazy) solution.

This is precisely what Zero Latency is attempting to do with its Inversion VR system. It uses a series of tracking cameras to help create a virtual space that players can actually navigate. Pretty incredible.

You can see the results above.

Interestingly Zero Latency is actually showing its Inversion VR system in Melbourne next weekend, as part of the Pause Festival. If you can make it to the event, you sure as hell should be checking this out.


    good friend of mine works with one of the guys developing this & is currently building a new map to play in it.

    anyway... from what I've been told, the tech involved is pretty impressive.

    in game, there's a square on the ground that represents the walls in the real life room so people don't get themselves hurt.

    pretty good idea & I've been wanting to get down to Melbourne & have a go on this for ages.

    Edit: #UnintentionalHipsterPost

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        well........... damn.

        Edit: actually, you make a good point.

        Edit #2: but then again, its still in prototype stage & it'll change. like I know they've got plans for a new way of tracking aiming that sounds pretty cool. I wont mention it here though :p

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    Yikes, went to the website to grab tickets to go check this out and it looks like it's $120 a ticket :( A bit rich for me to play around with it

    Laser Tag 2.0?

      Exactly what I thought. You can't tell me different VR skins over already established bland real life laser tag setups couldn't be cool. I'd actually want to go play.

      I'll be a Predator this round please. :)

        Heck, include a zombie survival mode while you're at it.

    Could be useful for swat training, since they already have the fake house with lots of rooms.

    Game glitch, software malfunction...result? 7 minutes of people running head on into walls and eachother. Suddenly this amazing technology turns into a really expensive blind fold.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm totally looking forward to some amazing development in the virtual reality and augmented reality side of gaming. There's been some pretty awesome stuff so far.

    Stupid Melbourne, getting all the good stuff, stupid *grumble grumble*

    I've always had a hope of producing something like this in my future, but with a suit like the ARAIG suit, which amplifies vibrations to show where you have been hit. And, yeah it'd be cool.

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