This Is M.A.V.


    I was interested until i saw the words chome hounds, that game was utter $#%^. I was beyond excited having played mech assault and MA2 and wanting a new mech game on 360. I played it with a bunch of friends and it was beyond broken.

    The fights were totally one sided, the mechs moved and played awfully and ugh it was just terrible. SO poof all interest in this has now evaporated, even looking at snippets of this video left me with no confidence. Good mech games are almost dead, even hawken was trash with its heavily slanted pay to win, despite its semi nice combat from when i played at its launch.

    You did not get past the single player...did ya?

    Chromehounds was the first and best mech game available. It still is!

    The lego aspect of the game made it essential that you have a good build. If you didn't, you would get wasted by those that did. I am so glad that someone is taking up the work to develop a new game based off of one of the best but unheard of xbox 360 PvP games!

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