This Is Pokemon Meets Pop Music Meets 2013

2013 was a good year for pop music and it was a good year for Pokemon. So why not combine Pokemon with pop music to create a medley that will define the ages?

This is actually really well done, really well written and totally well produced! Well, well, well. I'm pretty impressed. Particularly with the whole Miley Cyrus/Pokeball set-up near the end.


    I *ahem* wow... I uh.... *cough* wow.... yeah.... there was someone in the clip asides her right!?

      Yeah, those were some mighty big... erm Pokemans.

      For anyone that is interested, her name is Angie Griffin. They are fake. Awesome but fake.

      Don't hate me because I have hormones.

      Last edited 27/02/14 3:05 pm

        Couldn't care if they're fake, they're awesome and shes gorgeous :D

    I just came here for the Boobs.

      Let me rephrase your sentence:

      "I just came for the boobs"

      Seems more appropriate for this article...

    Those are actually really big boobs, really big boobs and totally big boobs! Well, well, well. I’m pretty aroused.

    The video was really well made, but the terrible takes on even more terrible songs had me cringing. I want the 80s back. Even the shittiest pop fluff was still awesome :)

    ugh i feel so dirty but.... DAT MISTY COSTUME!

    I just blew out my data cap watching this.
    And my pants.

    The entirety of this thread is the definition of hilarity.

    pikaboobs!!! O.o

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