This Is What An Empty Zynga Office Looks Like

Zynga shut down its Dallas office as part of major layoffs in 2013. The building that once housed all those developers is now empty. Now, as a new owner prepares to take over the office space, one of the employees posted some pics of how the building looked after Zynga vacated.

Surprise — it looks like an empty office, and it's surprisingly devoid of almost any Zynga paraphernalia. Outside of the Zynga logo out front, this office space seems like it could have been used by any old business. It's strange, but you can barely tell that video games were once made here.

Still, it's pretty interesting to check out. Most likely everything of value was removed before the last employee left the building.

Forte Payment Systems is the new business moving into the office space, an electronic payment processing company.

You can check out all the pics here.


    wow... I'm surprised they left the office furniture. especially those mint chairs.

      The implication I got from reading the photos is that "They" (the new company) bought those chairs? A lot of the pictures are labelled "our new developer section" etc - I dunno, just get the feeling that there's some new, some old.

        something old, something new and something borrowed…

          Rearrange that to "something old, something borrowed, something new" and you've basically got Zynga's entire development style.

            thats what i meant lol, but was too tired to think properly ;p

      a lot of the time with commercial leases the buildings owner/management is responsibly for the basic furniture. So desks & chairs etc.
      This is especially true when conditions are tough for commercial property landlords. They will often pay for a fit out as an incentive to signing the lease agreement.

      offices are quite often leased inclusive of fixtures and fittings, which includes networking wiring, desks and chairs. Most likely when Zynga leased this office originally the desks/chairs were already there and so when they left they couldn't take them with them

    Looks like they cleaned it up pretty well. No signs of any pentagrams on the floor, sacrificial blood, inverted crosses, etc.

    If you didn't know otherwise, you'd probably never guess that a major satanic organization used to reside there.

      the pentagrams and sacrificial altars are in the basement behind the second door on the right.

      Last edited 10/02/14 4:25 pm

      All that stuff will cost you 50,000 gold coins to access.

    I feel sorry to see all those people loose their jobs but at the same time it can only be a good thing for the gaming industry as a whole with filth producing companys like that dropping out of the market

      What are you talking about? Don Mattrick is the CEO of Zynga. Surely that only means good things for the company, right?


    My old office was furnished with gear sold off after Krome (and other game studios) shut down over here. We used to laugh at the Krome asset tags on the fridges and couches. We had some other gear from game companies we helped dismantle too. Par for the course really.

    So, did anyone hear their pained screams as they were dragged down to the flaming abyss of hell?
    Oh, never mind. That was just them clocking on every day.

    Last edited 10/02/14 10:48 pm

      Get the rest of the Picture. Money to Burn. Zynga closed this office in Two hours according to employees and shut the doors...No wonder they are in the shape their in.

    ONLY CRAP! AN EMPTY OFFICE! WHAT A NEWS PEACE!... FFS... really? REALLY? Come on.. you can do better than that.

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