This Skyrim Screenshot Is Terrifyingly Close To Real Life

Skyrim, on PC, loaded up with all the mods you can dream of, looks fantastic. We all know this. But when people start taking screenshots, and start taking it seriously? It's truly mindblowing.

The above screenshot might be the most gorgeous Skyrim screenshot I've ever seen. Ever. It was taken by Unreal, who might be the best at this 'video games as photography' business when it comes to Skyrim.

To find out the mods he is using you can head here, and I suggest you do. Mostly because there are more screenshots and video to drool over.


    From a video games pov it's a pretty nice screenshot.
    From a photography pov it massively sucks. Do people forget how beautiful the real world can be?

      Yes. Which is why I wanna head to New Zealand next year to see some awesome mother nature. Plus Hobbiton :-P

        Mate, the South Island will blow your mind. Make sure you see as much as you can of the western side. Doubtful Sound is amazing, see Glenorchy and Paradise. Take the horse ride tour in Paradise, you will not regret it.

          All I remember from the west side is greymouth, smelly swampland and an overcast decaying town xD. Milford sound was awesome though. I preferred Queenstown, the mountains and the lakes.

    I've always been tempted to grab these screenshots of Skyrim and send them through to Channel 10 to see if they get put on the weather guy's photo section.

    I want to jump in that water!

    Could you explain the use of the word "terrifyingly" in that title?

      It's haunted. If Mark didn't share it with the world, he would be haunted. The curse has been passed to us.

    They should do a web series, "Postcards from Skyrim" TM

    I don't really think its really real cuz it doesn't look real it almost looks just like in the game

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