This Week In Games: Lightning Returns (And/Or Strikes Twice)

I seriously can't remember such a long drought of major releases on the gaming calendar. This is crazy. Considering we have new console on the market it's actually sort of ridiculous. Bring on March please! This week we have Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and that's about it...

Assassin's Creed Liberation HD (PC)

What is it? Hey, it's that Assassin's Creed game on the PS Vita that very few people played because it was on the Vita! Should you care? Sure why not. You should be playing Assassin's Creed IV instead though.

Far Cry: The Wild Expedition (360/PS3)

What is it? An absolutely mega compilation that bundles Far Cry 1, Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3 and Far Cry: Blood Dragon together. Should you care? Man, this is pretty amazing. Particularly since almost all of the Far Cry games are pretty great.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (360/PS3)

What is it? It's the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII. Very rarely does Square-Enix do the direct Final Fantasy sequel thing. Dunno why they're doing it with one of the most disliked Final Fantasies of all time. Should you care? I haven't heard great things.

Metal Slug 3 (PC)

What is it? It's Metal Slug. Should you care? Metal Slug is great. Nuff said.

NaissanceE (PC)

What is it? An adventure game that takes place in a weird, mysterious structure. Should you care? I know next to nothing about this game. Head here for more info.


    No Mark! Donkey Kong is before March! You keep forgetting Donkey Kong :'(

    Forgot Toukiden: age of demons out Feb 14th

      *Feb 27th.

        Not sure why the JB website says the 27th, the game is being released on the 14th (I've currently got a PSN pre-order listed as the 14th, along with the remainder of Europe having a 14th release date)

        Koie Facebook says 14th for aus there even throwing a launch party on the 15th in melbourne

    Ahh, lightning returns. Buying it because I have the first two... very disappointed there is no easy special edition to get... its a bit of a pain ordering it via squares website since they dont have an australian version. As to why they are making it... its because they need the income, they have an existing engine, so that its cheap to produce, and it gives them the chance to tweak the battle engine in 15, from everything I have heard.

    I'm actually looking forward to Lightning Returns I always adored the soundtrack to XIII and XIII-2 and I'm not bothered by the series.

    FF XIII-2 was a great game. Very much looking forward to Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns.

      I never understood the dislike for FF XIII-2, it addressed a lot of the problems that people had with FF XIII. it was a lot less linear and had a really enjoyable battle system.

        I think most peoples dislike was due to the story itself

        Well I disliked it because it continued on from a story that I didn't much care for instead of doing something entirely new. There were lots of improvements over XIII, sure, but they could have taken those improvements and wrapped them in an entirely new story.

          I will agree with this, the story was pretty weak. also, one of the worst endings ever.

      Ah thats cool, I didnt realise you liked it! I had an urge to hunt it down the other day but it wasnt in any of the three shops I checked and then my motivation ran out

        I liked XIII-2 so much I went to the effort of Platinuming it,which I almost never do. I'm actually a bit worried about Lightning Returns because it has a lot to live up to, for me.

    Dunno why they’re doing it with one of the most disliked Final Fantasies of all time.

    Because of FF14. Similar to how FF11 made FF10-2.

      How do you mean?

        After FF10 they made FF11, an MMORPG. But they knew that not everybody would or could play FF11, so they wanted to get a single player game out to make up for it. Since their budget went towards FF11 they just reused all previous assets, tweaked the game engine and got a new script.

        Same thing with FF13, except with what happened to FF14 they had to try and make up for it twice.

          And now for FF14 reborn, they are doing a 3rd in the series.

    How can you forget The Last of Us: Left Behind? I know it's DLC but I'm more excited for this than I am for most games.

    I genuinely hated FFXIII.

    But after playing the Lightning Returns demo (which I surprisingly enjoyed), I do feel compelled to give it another chance with FFXIII-2. Plus, it's really cheap now too.

    I'll be getting Lightning Returns mainly because I hate having unfinished series. I'm going in with low expectations so maybe I'll be surprised.

    Hang on, I thought AC Liberation for PC has been out via Steam since last month...

      Retail launches this week.

        PC retail? That's still a thing?

        Jokes aside, I can't actually remember the last PC retail game I bought. It's sitting in a box somewhere, not installed on my new PC.

          Haha yes it is still alive. I recall EB was responding to a client saying retail was delayed.

          Actually I buy almost all my PC games retail. I'm a collector and I collect limited editions games. Same price for extra physical goodies good.

            Same price? The last PC game that I bought in its release week was Arkham Origins and I paid $25 from a Steam key reseller. Good luck price matching that one.

              If you use price from unlicensed steam key reseller to compare then there is no way anyone can ever compete that. Anyway besides the point, yes digital can be cheaper because they do not have to cover the cost do print/make physical copy of the game. I don't hate digital, in fact I have like almost 200 games on Steam but I like what I paid for physical goodies.

              For example look at ESO Imperial Edition, let's use US price since Australia price is shit to compare with. ESO Imperial Ed Digital $80, ESO Imperial Ed Physical $100, sure you pay $20 more but you actually get a whole lot more value there. $20 more for a Statue, a lore book and awesome packaging, why not?

              You could buy the physical, use the game code, sell the rest of the stuff for $100+(It's selling $300+ now btw) and you get a free game.

              Can't really beat the value of physical if you ask me. My argument is based on Limited Edition games btw as I said before in my previous comment as I only collect them.

    My limited edition of Lightning Returns is somewhere in the US on the way to my mail forwarder. Must have the pocket watch!

    Final Fantasy will always be the most loved "hated" gaming franchise. I loved XIII-2, and will definitely get 3.

    i kinda liked the lightning returns demo, will pick it up when its cheap enough to justify sitting on a shelf like the last 2... lol

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