This Week In Games: Surprise Top Down Racers!

What the hell, we're in February and still the only games being released are PC games I don't know that much about and Fable bundle? Awesome. More Dark Souls for me...

Aqua Kitty - Milk Mine Defender (PC)

What is it? It's a retro side-scrolling shooter with a cat theme. INTERNET'S DREAM GAME. Should you care? I just don't see the appeal. Make one with dogs and we'll talk.

Double Dragon: Neon (PC)

What is it? Well this game came out a long time ago on consoles. Really surprised to see it being released on PC after so long. Should you care? Yeah, I guess it has some appeal to longtime fans of the series, but that's it.

Fable Anniversary (360)

What is it? This is a fancy HD reworking of the original Fable. Should you care? I just don't see it. If you liked the series, why would you want to play this again? I just don't think it was remembered fondly enough.

Jazzpunk (PC)

What is it? A comedy adventure set in an alternate reality cold war. Looks mental. Should you care? I really don't know enough about this one. It sounds crazy enough to be entertaining or, at the least, original.

Little Racers STREET (PC)

What is it? A top down retro racer that looks quite swish. Should you care? You know, I could be convinced to play this. How good was mashed? I want another game like that.

The Sims 3: Roaring Heights (PC)

What is it? Jesus wept. Should you care? Make it stop.

WRC Powerslide (PC)

What is it? Well, whaddya know, it's another top down(ish) racing game. This one has the World Rally Championship license. Should you care? This looks kinda cool. I guess I just have a real hankering for a top down racer. Love that genre and haven't played one in ages.


    Was gonna buy Fable, but I ended picking up a ps4 so nothing for me till Lightning returns

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    I won't get it at launch but I'll probably end up getting Fable Anniversary eventually. I loved Fable: TLC as a kid. I probably played through that game from start to finish at least 7 times.

    I liked Fable 2 though Fable 3 was a bit too bloated for it's own good. I only ever got an hour or two into Fable, so I think I'll pick up the remake. I think it's remembered more fondly than you think, Mark.

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      Fable 3 just felt like I was playing a remake of the original Fable. Wasn't great.

      I fondly remember the first game, but hated the direction they took the series in Fable 2 and completely skipped out on 3.

      Still, not enough for me to pick it up again.

        I finished 1&2 and I got two copies of fable 3 to play it co-op with the wife but we only got half way before we kinda lost interest :|

        I was the same played fable many times through loved it, played 2 didn't like it much and just skipped 3 altogether

      the original fable is the only game iv played through multiple (3) times

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    The Sims 3: Roaring Heights (PC)
    What is it? Jesus wept.
    Should you care? Make it stop.

    What? Expansions? Still?

      My daughters are going to be happy :P

        at the rate EA are going, your great grandkids are gonna be happy.

      Gotta bankroll Sims 4 somehow.

        I know, and I know that people buy them. I'm just flabbergasted about the ins and outs of this.
        Seriously, Sims 4 has been teased and shown (in a non-interactive way) to have base code and engine and some features. It seems playable.
        But is the Sims machine (surely not, but it seems to be) large and financially secure enough that they are making expansion packs for Sims 3 while Sims 4 is in development? They have enough teams? They have enough market?

        It just blows my mind.

          I have the Sims 3 and I think a bunch of the expansions. I don't know because I haven't installed it on my current PC yet. It's in my Origin library, and I think I scored DLC via a Humble Bundle or something.

          The Sims is this weird institution that endures among all levels of gamer, but it baffles me that they're getting away with this DLC shit. A real game would say "oh hey we thought of this other neat stuff" and then when the next game came out, all that stuff would be included. But time and time again they sell a base version (or even one that's stripped back - 3 vs. 2 is incredibly bare-bones!) solely as a platform to add DLC to.

          At this point it's not even the added cost that's driving me away, it's the complexity.

            If you look at some of the Sims3 Expansions, they are identical to the Sims 2 Expansions:
            Nightlife, University, etc. So it's not even new stuff "we didn't think of", it's just stuff we had before, but wanted to sell to you AGAIN!
            Not to mention: That game is already over 4 years old, and I still haven't seen it in a bargain bin for $20 for the full game with all the expansions. Still going for $50 + $20 per Exp pack.

    Due to Xbox live gold and PS+ my gaming is gonna be a bunch of free games for a while. At least until Watch Dogs.

      Dead island is out on Xbox gold free games this fortnight, pity I already own two copies :|

        Pity I bought the game (after a year, so price was reduced) and I never played it at all and now it's free :|

          I had a bunch of 4 player mini LANs with this game, throw in some cocktails and its an awesome night.....this game is made for co-op kinda sucks to play on your own....

          Have high hopes for dying light, hope to recreate my little party LANs :D

            Ah man I miss LANs.

              Yeah so far none of the next Gen games support LANs.....fingers crossed but unlikely for titanfall.

        I got it cheap on Steam but more for my wife than myself and she dislikes playing on PC even with a controller plugged in so I guess at least now she can give it another shot - plus she's more likely to play a game on 360 than PC given the option because it means she's adding to her gamerscore. She's like 20k ahead of me now but still thinks I'm trying to race her. I'd have to quit my job and do nothing but play games for a year straight to catch up at this point!

    The first Fable game was pretty special. Flawed, but special. I'd consider getting it, for sure.

      This will sound incredibly lazy though, but after getting a PS4 I took the 360s HDMI cord for something else and am too lazy to replace it. XD

    I loved the original and never played TLC so I am incredibly excited to have another crack at it. It wasn't as RPGish as I usually like but it is still just a fun bash. I just wish they held out and released it on the one and built the graphics up from scratch. Fable HD doesn't look anywhere near as good as Halo HD did.

    I really hope anniversary editions don't become a regular thing with Microsoft.

      Only if they re release Deathrow

        No screw that. Deathrow 2 with online play. More teams and maps all customizable with even more anination and moves. God dammit some one make it!!!!!

    i'm keen to get fable, never played the first one and it looks like they've done a good job revamping it... i grabbed WRC powerslide for like $6-7 so i'll check that out too

    little racers street could be cool... can't see pricing yet...

    will probably just play more DR3 myself, finally smashing through it and loving it

    Double Dragon Neon is fantastic! Nothing wrong with old-school beat-em ups

    Fable anniversary streetdated - you can get it from EB today.

    Isn't The Wolf Among Us episode 2 out this week as well?

      I'll believe it when I have downloaded it.

        According to this Twitter post, it's out tomorrow on PC and Playstation, Wednesday on Xbox.

    I predict BF4 2nd Assault to finally release for PC and PS4 by the end of the week

    I didn't mind fable, I think it was some different at the time. The thing I liked most about the first one was how your body transformed - got bigger or thinner, more evil looking etc. I wish that sort of transformation existed in more games

    Pretty sure Outlast comes out on the PS4 this week, does it not?

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