This Week In The Business: 'Immaturity And Multiplayer Go Hand In Hand'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "Immaturity and multiplayer gaming go hand in hand." — Ethan Levy, design consultant, talking in depth about the new player experience in League of Legends and why it should be improved.

QUOTE | "It can take video games in general to a new place." — Indie developer Jonathan Blow (The Witness) on the huge potential of Valve's VR headset and his intent to support it and other VR devices.

QUOTE | "The truth is indie developers don't necessarily need publishers." — Majesco VP Casey Lynch, on why a publisher has formed indie label Midnight City to serve indie developers.

STAT | 20 million — Number of copies of Skyrim that Bethesda Softworks has sold so far since its November 2011 release; this puts the game among the top 20 selling titles of all time.

QUOTE | "We actually think the launch of the new console systems will help lift the PC game business because there is large overlap between console and PC gamers." — Analyst David Cole of DFC Intelligence on growth in PC gaming, as they revised their projection for the PC game market in 2014 from $US22 billion to $US25 billion.

STAT | $US1.2 billion — Amount of revenue GungHo Entertainment, publisher of Puzzle & Dragons, expects this fiscal year; over $US700 million of that amount is net profit.

QUOTE | "I think Microsoft is committed to the 360 for a number of years and I anticipate both Sony and Microsoft getting behind their platforms at least for the next two years." — EA COO Peter Moore, on why he thinks the Xbox 360 and the PS3 business will remain strong.

STAT | 15 million — Number of 3DS consoles sold so far in Japan, combining sales of all models; still, the 3DS is not meeting Nintendo's earlier sales projections for the 3DS line which it cut by 25 per cent.

STAT | 51 million — Number of iPhones Apple sold in the last three months of 2013, up seven per cent from 2012; the company also sold 26 million iPads, up 14% from 2012.

STAT | 11 — Number of consecutive years of growth for casual games company Big Fish, which had $US266 million in revenue for 2013; Big Fish began on PC and now gets more than half its revenue on mobile.

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    My first LoL match was against bots. Yet, one person on our team just had to violently explode over the other players in comparison to himself. Despite the fact that we were playing against BOTS!

    I've always said that the toxicity of players prevent people from starting, playing and enjoying the game. Even if they have been playing for years.

    I don't usually make dick jokes, but when I do its in multiplayer games.

    Angry, insulting gamers are the ones who stop me from playing mmo's, and from chatting in mp games.

      That's why you develop a thick skin and quick fingers. It's strange how little insults mean when they come from someone you just wiped the floor with

        Those tit for tat comments you make after killing someone doesn't bother me, its the comments that come from no where that get me, especially as i am a female gamer. I don't want pictures of your dick sent to me via messages, nor do I want gamers following me around trying to tbag me while saying crude things.

        Last edited 02/02/14 7:24 pm

          What about bombing you with friend requests in some small desperate hope of finding a girl with only one similar interest?

            I used to get quite a few, and voice messages with heavy breathing - i stopped
            checking voice messages after i got the third one.

              How about constant game invites, usually to co-op games, or white knights defending you thinking it gives them brownie points?

          Thankfully that is something I don't suffer from. (Except once when I was testing some of the exclusive clothes for females in PS Home and someone sent me a lovely photo of their junk...he was a ginger too, which is fine, just not two things I want to see together)

          My GF tends to avoid online gaming for similar reasons.

        Oh yeah, I'm sure people who get annoyed at being SWATted should just roll with it.

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