Time For A WarmerBat-suit, Master Bruce

The upcoming story-based DLC — presumaby the one being prioritised over fixing the bugs players have been complaining about — for Batman: Arkham Origins will focus on the first appearance of Mr Freeze in the Batman video game continuity. And, according WB Games exec Ames Kirshen, will also introduce a new get-up for the Dark Knight that will change up gameplay. Take a look at the clip below for details.


    I hope this 'Story DLC' is an actual story based thing... as opposed to the last 'Story DLC', which was just another series of challenge maps.

    Tonight's forecast... a FREEEEEEEZE is coming!

      Haha! Good one!

      And damn you for making me remember Batman '97 and nipple suits.

    It's truly atrocious that a game developer prioritises DLC over major bugs. WB Games are such tools.

    I liked the first and 2nd batman's, but after hearing how this one is going, I'm not touching it.

      I liked the first and second Arkham games. I really liked this one too.

        That's cool man. But I'm still sitting it out. When I hear about developers ignoring bugs and developing DLC, I think "I don't want to give them my money".

    Skip to 0:41 for DLC talk, 1:00 for the new trailer.

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