Tips For Playing The Titanfall Beta

Are you in the Titanfall beta? Need some tips n' tricks? Check out this new video by the folks at Respawn, the studio behind the game, for some helpful advice on shooting your way through as many giant robots as possible.

(If you haven't registered for the beta yet, you can right here.)


    Cool will register for the beta thanks. Won't watch the video. Is it possible for a short summar, perhaps point form or is the video the only source of this information. or just too hard to write anything?

    The guys that are dropping quickly are AI, pilots are a little harder to kill

    tips for playing Titanfall - giving the country local servers to play on instead of servers 6000 km away in another country???? Think that might be a good start.

      yes you are right!!

    Tips for playing Titanfall as an Australian.

    1. Fire ahead of where you think the enemy might end up.
    2. Pray to the gaming gods that in the time it takes for your weapon to register, nobody kills you and your opponant doesn't move.

      Actually the shoot-to-hit delay is quite good. Never once I rubber banded or shoot at a blank space to kill someone. Good networking settings they have. Titanfall stomp instant kills when a Titan walk pass me and when I stomp on someone.

      Real fun to be honest. I was trying to score some achievement from killing grunts but players just shoots me to death. I just want my reticule upgrade!

      First thing to do when you log in, choose the correct data center. East Asia have around 150 ping which is rather good compare to US which is around 220 ping.

    anyone need a beta code? i have a couple of spears.

      Yeah man that would be sick!

      Anyone have a spare code I would really appreciate it


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