Titanfall Beta Open To All On Xbox One, With PC To Open 'Maybe' Today

Titanfall Beta Open to All on Xbox One, with PC to Open 'Maybe' Today

The Titanfall beta opened up to players on Xbox One yesterday evening, allowing anyone to join without using a beta key. The PC beta will become open soon, added Respawn Entertainment's Vincent Zampella, "maybe" even today.

Major Nelson made the announcement at 9 p.m. EST yesterday, and the beta opened up sometime thereafter. It is then available under the New Game Demos section of the Game Store. In some regions, users may see a link to join the Titanfall beta from the Xbox One home page.

Yesterday evening, as Zampella was handing out keys for the PC beta over Twitter, he said Respawn was angling for a stress test of that platform.

Ok, just heard from @jonshiring. His words are 'Let's break it', so the plan is to make the beta fully open and have you max stress it!

— Vince Zampella (@VinceZampella) February 16, 2014

When users asked when that would occur, Zampella said Respawn needed to open the Xbox One beta first, but that PC would follow shortly.

Opening XB1 first, at some point tonight. PC will follow, maybe tomorrow.

— Vince Zampella (@VinceZampella) February 16, 2014

He added that because of the difficulty those with beta keys had in playing the game on Friday, the beta period will be extended a day. It was originally planned to end on Wednesday.


    I'm glad i played the beta, Its way, way more average than i thought itd be.

    Yes, I understand its a beta, i'm talking about general gameplay though. It's basically COD on easy mode with 1 vehicle. massive yawnfest.


        What exactly are burn cards? I've seen mention of them but never found out what they do

          They're cards that can be used for one round that provide a certain benefit/advantage to your pilot/titan/weapon, after that they are used and disappear. It appears you collect them randomly, there's quite a few of them, you can equip 3 before a game starts and have the option to use one before you spawn.

            You can get specific ones for doing certain challenges/feats it seems. There are rarer cards that can be earnt this way as opposed to your lower level randomly earnt ones.

            They don't last a whole round, they last until you die. And you can only equip one at a time.

              Yeah I the very first guy I killed in the game lost a burn card, I wasn't sure if it was some kind of xp bonus pickup or something, I was thinking maybe you had to keep it till the end to benefit from it

        I can see where he is coming from, it definately has that COD feel to it, same engine/graphics/style of shooting, but the other elements make it so much better.

          Titanfall uses the Source engine. Call of Duty uses a heavily modified Quake 3 engine.

            ...then they made two engines look exactly the same

              @Black Dahlia NZ The Source engine's code was forked from the original GoldSrc. (which was also a heavily modified quake engine! There is going to be a new Source 2, but it's highly unlikly it'll be made from scratch. Here's the GoldSrc wiki! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GoldSrc

              @blaxkdahilianz The Source engine they're using is also heavily modified.

            Source engine? As in valve's source engine? Does that even work outside of steam?

              Definitely uses the source engine. I presume it works outside of Steam, why wouldn't it?

                It uses Source? My mind is blown. I might actually try it out just because of that.

                I've just never heard of source being used outside of steam except for VTM: Bloodlines and I assumed that was only because it predated steam

                  Except, you know. The Orange Box and Portal 2.

                  The Source Engine is not exclusive to the application 'Steam'. Steam is not a platform, it is a program, although when you purchase games on steam on your PC, the files have dependencies setup that require steam to run them, they can be set to run seperate from the application (The files are all there and designed for running on Windows/Linux/Mac).

      Downvoted for an unpopular opinion it looks like.

        yeh, COD fanboys methinks.

        Seriously, its made by COD devs and feels like CODS. yeah sure you can hop around a bit more. Honestly, there are way better FPS games out there.

        Perhaps being a big fan of Battlefield games and sinking lots of time into it my friends and I just frankly, got bored of titanfall pretty quick.

        I understand its a beta, but if youre going to make a full priced game only MP you're going to have to make a much deeper game than it appears to be. Value wise, IF the full game is more of the beta, (more weapons, abilities, maps, coulpe other game modes) but more or less the same thing. It should be AUD50 max.

          yeah sure you can hop around a bit more.

          That really downplays the difference between the games.

          About the only way it's similar is that it's an FPS, game mechanics are completely different and reworked, gun selection is original, player mobility has never been so complex, game modes are new and unique, maps are unique and have been designed with wall running & titans in mind, the titans themselves completely change gameplay, characters abilities are unique and burn cards are new.

          I just don't see how people can say this is just cod with mechs, it's akin to saying that CoD is Counter strike with better graphics, or that LoL is dota with cartoony graphics. It's such a blanket statement that is false in almost every way.

          Also the fullgame is most definitely more than the beta, for example there are 14 maps in the retail release and there's a game mode called "mutliplayer campaign". Just because there's isn't an offline mode shouldn't instantly devalue the game.

          Last edited 17/02/14 10:00 am

          It feels like COD ... You can hop around a bit more?

          Haha. Trollin ay!

      I was actually going to say I was surprised that you weren't downvoted into oblivion but then I actually looked at the results. People abuse the downvote feature way too much on this website.

    Good stuff - was hoping I'd get a go at it before the full release - this will tell me if it's going to be worth a day 1 purchase or if I wait to see how the community develops.

    Lol... A bit late.
    I got my beta key for PC on Friday.
    I was playing all weekend since Saturday.

    Already released der

    I had the most fun by far I've had on my Xbone playing this Sat/Sun. It's got a bit boring now due to only two levels and limited ranking, but man I'm excited for the full game. Some seriously cool in game sequences of events have happened so far.

      Yeah my thoughts exactly. The most fun I've had in ages. But two maps is getting a bit stale.

        Definitely got me hyped for 12 new ones though!

          Yeah, totally. The two maps haven't put me off, they've left me wanting more.

    I'm not sure what to think of this game, when i first started playing it it felt alot like COD, too much going on, small maps. However now I've settled into it, it's alot of fun, and addictive. Not sure it's worth the price of a new game tho.

    I didn't like Attrition, it was basically team dearthmatch and suffered from the same run and gun nonsense as CoD, but Hardpoint (aka Domination) is pretty fun.

    I played about 2 hours on Saturday and found it to be pretty ordinary. The parkour is a nice touch, titans are ok. The infantry combat is way too CoD for me. There really needs to be fully destructible terrian.

    I can see this game being popular, but this one's a pass for me.

      Ooh yeah destructible terrain would make a major difference to the game, titans able to break fortifications and open holes while limiting the wall running options would make for really interesting gameplay. Even if it was limited to something like the artillery titan and takes heaps of rockets to accomplish

        Yep. At the moment its too easy to escape a titan by hiding behind a thin wall.

    Had a play on the weekend at my mate's place. It was fun for a bit, but got bored of it.
    Rethinking whether to get it on PC or not.

    I had a lot of fun with it. Last shooter I played was BF4 which I got bored with. It's fast paced, quick games, many different modes and the titans add another dimension. I like that every player has a weapon to take down titans with, unlike with other games with vehicles where only certain classes or opposing vehicles can take them out. It also just isn't a shoot until one is dead, as shields and other abilities require thinking and timing to use effectively.

    Look at the fanboys trying to downplay TF. Game is amazing.

      Fanboys of what exactly? All I can see is, is people saying that it's too much like CoD. Basically the opposite of fanboying? I have seen only one comment that states they prefer another game over this, and that was Battlefield. Please explain?

      Unless you mean they are fanboys of the Shooter genre for saying that this game is not a worthy game in the FPS genre, then I guess you could be correct there, but I don't see that as being an issue. Definitely not an issue that warrants a comment on 'Fanboys'.

      It seems you downvoted my comment simply because I'm now only going to try it due to the engine not being what I expected. I wonder who the real fanboy is?

    I found it very ordinary. And no I'm not a COD fanboy/girl.


    Took it upon myself to balance the evil that is Mr HALOs. Sorry to those who copped seemingly undeserved downvotes, I am being childish.

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