Titanfall Beta Signups Are Live

Titanfall Beta Signups Are Live

If you want to try and get into the beta for Respawn's multiplayer shooter Titanfall, you're going to need to go here, type some stuff, pick a platform (PC or XB1) and hope for the best.


    How bout a link or something?


        Thank you random citizen!!

          He's from New Zealand.

            oh, ok.

            Thunk you for the lunk

            Last edited 12/02/14 1:47 pm

              Thanks man..
              I was sneakily catching up on news in the office and was busted as I had to explain why I started laughing my ass off out of no where.

      Plunkett strikes again, absolute A grade journalist.

        You know this is a site about video games right? This isn't bloody Al Jazeera.

          Hear that, Kotaku editors, don't worry about putting any effort into your articles because it's a measly video games site.

            I sense a sarcasm (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ it was good.

    Do rednecks get first pick?

    How exactly are they selecting the people for the beta? First come first serve? Choosing people who want to test the game? Or giving it to some dudebro to impress his dudebros by playing it now? Are they going to have even selections across the world to test latency?

      That all probably hinges on whether this is a real beta test running rather late or an advertising gimmick

      If the former they'll want a broad spectrum of users, if the latter they'll prioritise speed of connection so the game gives the best impression

        I wouldn't put it past them viewing it as free advertising.

        they'll prioritise speed of connection

        So I guess it's impossible for Australians to get in then :P

          Heh well I signed up and they didn't ask connection speed but then they DID ask for the country so...

            Applications from Australia and New Zealand are auto filtered into the Recycle Bin.

              If country != us & distance to fibre exchange > 500m then recycle


              What Australia was a option?? When I tried to fill out the form it didn't even show Australia. Singapore was the only option I could select.

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