Today Is The Last Day Of The Year Of Luigi. Make It Count.

Today Is The Last Day Of The Year Of Luigi. Make It Count.

364 days ago, Nintendo made the most important proclamation of the 21st century, declaring a year of peace and prosperity. A year of hope. A year of Luigi.

That was February 14, 2013. Assuming we're operating outside of the Gregorian Calendar — because the Mushroom Kingdom follows its own rules — today, my friends, is the final day of Luigi. It's over.

Let's look back and remember:

Tonight, there's another Nintendo Direct. Will we enter a new era? The year of Kirby, perhaps? The year of Vitality Sensors? The year of Virtual Console? (Please.) Post your best guesses here. Winner will get the satisfaction of knowing that they were right about something on the last day of Luigi.


    The year of Samus. Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion HD remakes for the WiiU please :)

      Yeah! Let's hire the artist behind the FF iOS games to design it.

    I remember someone on twitter a few weeks ago mentioning that for a few more months its still the financial year of luigi

    "Tonight, there's another Nintendo Direct"?

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