System Update 1.60 Hits PS4

Tonight, system update 1.60 will be hitting the PS4, bringing with it support for several wireless headsets, including the PULSE, the PULSE Elite and Sony's newly announced Gold Wireless Headset, which you can check out via the above trailer.


    Just tried my Official Playstation 7.1 headset, the patch doesn't seem to be released in Aus yet. It is still showing 1.52. Any idea when we will get it?

    A few great quotes in that video

    "To enhance your favourite games" - which aren't out yet.

    "Greatness awaits" - yes, we are.

    Any other details? All I see is talk about headphones.

      I think they (Sony) will be releasing more update details via twitter once the update goes live

    I'm hanging out for DLNA support and also if on the subject of headphones, wanting this to support the old PS3 Sony headphones... come onnnnnnn!

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