Transformers ‘Fan Built Bot’ Is One Plane-Looking Lady

Transformers ‘Fan Built Bot’ Is One Plane-Looking Lady

Last year Hasbro asked the Transformers fan collective to help create a “Fan Built Bot” by voting on a vehicle mode, colour scheme, faction, personality and signature weapon. The end result is Windblade, a female Autobot jet plane samurai. She’s so much fan fiction come-to-life.

Hasbro has been slowly revealing Windblade since San Diego Comic-Con 2013.

Here is our first look at the completed Windblade figure, a deluxe-sized entry in the Transformers Generations toy line.

Transformers ‘Fan Built Bot’ Is One Plane-Looking Lady

Windblade is a rare female Transformer, along the same lines as classic character Arcee or Beast Wars/Machines Blackarachnia. Some people are vexxed by the idea of female Transformers — why would a race that doesn’t reproduce sexually need separate genders?

It’s a question that isn’t answered in the 80’s cartoon, though we do get an episode where most of the old-timey female robots are destroyed for being female, which doesn’t seem nice. In the IDW Comics continuity, Arcee is the result of a failed experiment to introduce gender to Transformers. That doesn’t seem nice either. Hopefully IDW will do better this April, when the four-issue Transformers: Windblade series is released.

Transformers ‘Fan Built Bot’ Is One Plane-Looking Lady

Windblade the toy will be on stores later this year, released as the final numbered figure in the increasingly innacurately-named “Thrilling 30” program, celebrating 30 years of Transformers.


  • in the comics by idw, windblade is on of 2 female autobots found inside metroplex, and she is in charge of his brain…
    where does that sword go in plane mode? undercarriage?

    • The plane is a VTOL model, and the sword has a turbine on it, so I assume on the undercarriage

  • Im not too sure if shes an Autobot or Decepticon but the wing turbines(?) make her look like one of the Decepticon ‘Seeker’ bots

  • People haven’t been worrying over the presence of female Transformers since the dark days. Because you could just as easily ask “why are there male Cybertronians?” That said, I’m not a fan of this figure. It reeks of the fandom’s love for another horribly Gary Stu-ish character like Drift.

  • Yea I never got the whole ‘wah female robots don’t make sense’. Metallic robotic lifeforms don’t make sense, if you want to use that argument, then you have to question everything about transformers. ie why do they even look human at all? why two, arms two legs?

    Its silly and just reeks of sexually insecure virgins, ‘no girls allowed’. I love fembots, want more toys of them, and this one ticks all the right boxes. This one is a day one buy for me.

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