Trials Fusion Takes Off In Mid-April For PS4, Xbox One And PC

Trials is coming back with all the gut-sucking drops and teeth-gritting ascents you remember from the dirt-bike racer's first two editions, this time adding ATVs, midair tricks and a slew of new environments to Trials Fusion, coming April 16.

The game will release for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PC. A news release from publisher Ubisoft did not mention the PlayStation 3. The digital version will cost $US19.99. The same release said that a phsyical disc will be sold for Xbox One and PS4 that costs $US39.99, which includes a "Season Pass." No further description of the season pass, or what it offers, was given. A track editor and community features will also be a part of the game.


    Apparently 6 DLCs from what ive heard but dont have a link as im at the airport in Helsinki after just leaving the Redlynx office from playing thia game :)

    Had to rub it in a little :)

    Im buying the shit out of this.

    When I first heard about all of the Trials sequels coming in, I was worried that the franchise might be going the way of the Tony Hawk Series, with the devs forcing more and more unneeded additions just to justify stretching out the franchise. While this trailer doesn't have me as worried, I'm hoping that RedLynx have the sense to stop after this one, as I really can't imagine what else they could add to the core concept of Trials before it starts to get old. After all, Tony Hawk was good up till THPS3, after that it was a sharp my opinion anyway

      Right there with you. Series peaked at THPS3 IMO.

        Looks awesome, was totally sold when that tron like stage appeared.

        Last edited 27/02/14 9:15 am

          I don't even have to watch the video. It's Trials so I know it's gonna be awesome. Can't wait for April.

          Gonna grab the disc version with the season pass.

          Last edited 27/02/14 9:38 am

    Hope the PC version is decent. I played Evo on 360, then got Gold edition on PC during steam sales. It is horrible on PC. Performance issues and multiplayer issues everywhere, a real disappointment as it was so addictive on 260. I would prefer to play on PC, but I am worried this one will be just the same. I also agree that the formula is staring to get a bit old too. A great game and concept, lets not pile drive it into the ground with too many iterations.

      This - the PC version was a terrible port, and still doesn't work properly to this day. I gave up, I'll get this on PS4 or Xbone for the local coop stuff.

    Well there goes April, May, June, July..... We need to get the Kotaku trials addicts club together (I vote fatshady for inaugural president).

    If anyone is interested.....

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