Turn Your Kindle Or iPad Into A Skyrim Illusion Tome, Attain Enlightenment

You know what, bugger it. Cool things have the potential to make you feel happy. I'm sick of all this mumbo jumbo about happiness coming from the 'inside'. Happiness is stupid stuff that makes your real life stuff look like video game stuff. The sooner we accept this the better.

And this is where this Kindle/iPad Skyrim thing comes in. Created by Etsy it makes your mobile device look like a Skyrim Illusion Tome.

I typically don't use covers on my mobile devices, mainly because I don't like making them feel heavier than they already are, but I could be forced to make an exception here. Because, who doesn't want to rock one of these on the train.

These are the things that make life worth living. Downside: it costs $60. Pretty pricey.

You can find out more about the Skyrim Tome cover here


    Perhaps you should seek the services of a therapist if it takes a new tablet case to motivate you to continue in life?

    I use a custom printed case with "Don't Panic" on the side, but this is cool enough to make me think about changing.

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