Um, Is Kim Jong Un A Minecraft Fan?

According to MCstats there's only one Minecraft server available in North Korea. Only one man has the power, only one man could be playing. It leads to one inevitable conclusion... is Kim Jung Un a Minecraft fan?

This hilarious image popped up on Reddit today courtesy of beechboy2000. It's taken from MCstats, a service that provides metrics on Minecraft. It seems too good to be true!

Obviously, it could be anyone. Absolutely anyone could be playing Minecraft over in North Korea. But it is plenty fun to imagine North Korea's supreme leader playing Minecraft!


    I feel like Minecraft is redundant who has an entire country to treat as his sandbox.

    We all need a hobby..........I imagine being a god like ruler can be quite stressful. If we can get him onto world of Warcraft he will become too busy to have anyone executed.....

      Either that, or he might start calling for executions of people who beat him in PVP.

    I think if he were a Minecraft fan, North Korea would've been rebuilt in block-form by now.

      Have you seen North Korea? It's already in block form, it's just not as colourful as Minecraft.

        It's also a lot easier to get food in minecraft

    Apparently Kim Jong Un's brother Kim Jong Chol is very much into video games, and this is one of the reasons he was considered unsuitable to succeed Kim Jong Il.

    Could be him ...

    There are none in Australia??

      Homicidal dictators?

      Maybe these numbers were taken before Tony Abbott came to power.

      Not sure if your colour blind so I will be nice.
      - Look at the bottom right of the graph. It shows a scale.
      Reference the colour and shade to the rough amount and thats your amount of servers in a geo location zone. Australia is not the lowest shade, hence their roughly 5 or so thousand..

      Alot of Australian players host off american based server racks too as its much cheaper FYI.

    Only one man has the power? Not quite.

    I would say this is quite likely the work of North Korean IT guys tasked with the job of ensuring KJU and the elite have their Internet access.

    He invented Minecraft! And the computer, but that was after he invented hamburgers and electricity.

    By that logic, he's visited my website recently too!

    Wrong Korea, by the looks of the flag.

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