Wait, There's Now A Minecraft Movie In The Works?

I was about to act all gobsmacked and confused about the news that Warner Bros. was in talks with Markus 'Notch' Persson, but you know what? You had to see this coming.

Today Notch tweeted the following...

So, a Minecraft movie with Warner Bros. It sounds crazy, what with Minecraft basically being a blank canvas and all, but think about it. That just makes everything easier — the Minecraft movie could be about anything.

But my guess is the Minecraft movie, if it ever gets made, will almost certainly be very similar to the upcoming LEGO movie.

Via Gamasutra


    sigh... i hurts so much worse when you say "upcoming" Lego movie...

    This would explain possibly why the Minecraft Fan Movie that surfaced a couple of weeks ago was shot down then.

    I hope that any Minecraft movie looks basically like Minecraft with a better lighting engine. The appearance of that game is so iconic.

    First-person animated survival/horror film?

    Last edited 28/02/14 11:51 am

    And movie execs wonder why people think they're idiots.

    a movie at the end of minecraft

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