Want To Be Part Of A Vampire Army?

Want To Be Part Of A Vampire Army?

You’ll get your chance starting today as Nosgoth — the free-to-play multiplayer combat game set in The Legacy of Kain universe — goes into closed beta.


  • Wow what a fucking great article. I mean seriously what is going on here at Kotaku, half the articles I wouldn’t even consider good enough for a high school rag let alone an alleged professional site.

    How about some information, how long does the beta last? when does it actually start? What kind of game is it? Action/hack n slash, shooter, hybrid? How do vampires fit in, is it vamp vs humans, can we even play as vampires? The entire article is utterly devoid of any and all information it is staggering. Jesus even a brief recap of the basic points of the game would have been enough.

    • if a picture is worth a thousand words, then this article is around 1032 words long!
      Took me months to write that much in school 😛

      • It’s because most articles here are recycled garbage written by really bad U.S. journalists, and the over-night staff copy/pastes images/blurbs.

          • Seconded on this front. He wrote an entire article about why Dark Souls being difficult made it amazing, then a great interview about MMA and then and then…
            I think part of the problem is the local guys are pretty much awesome, which spoils us – it makes it worse getting the two line recycled press release crap from overseas.

    • Luke responded to similar complaint in another post and explains why blips like these exist. It’s not a story, it’s a blip.

      here we go:
      “There’s too much to go into here in detail, but I’ll give you the gist.

      Due to design and time differences, Kotaku AU publishes Kotaku US stories often out of time and out of sync. It also doesn’t differentiate between the formatting of posts.

      On the US site, this wasn’t even a post. It was what we call a “blip”, which are short links to things we find interesting by sites/authors we like and that we think you should check out. These take up two lines of text, and appear outside of our regular posting schedule (on the US site, we generally post ever 30 minutes around the clock, again something you might not notice if you only visit the AU site).

      There, seen in that context, this post makes sense. We run these every week, sometimes a few in a single day. Here, like this with a headline I never wrote, indeed makes it looks like a short-ass post, so I can understand the weird reaction!” (end quote)

      So there is a perfectly understandable reason. You have a mouse, go to the links and find out yourself…….that’s the point, giving you the means to follow up on something that interests you

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