Want To Buy Bravely Default, But Embarrassed About The Cover Art?


    Um what, I'm sure that any normal person old enough has bought condoms at some point which i would put well above this on an actual scale yet still abysmally low in a 1-10.

    Anyone young enough to have not done the above is probably not clued in or one to get the "looks?"

    Seems more a perpetuation of the shy nerd stereotype than anything else. Most of this comment probably sounds/angry or stand off ish, but that isn't the intent, just some thoughts.

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      Or perhaps the point is that this is even more embarrassing than buying condoms? That said, personally, I don't think any normal person would be worried about being embarrassed by cover art, but thats just me.

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      Looking at the picture. I'd be more embarrassed buying cod

    Why's it called Bravely Default anyway?

      You can store up turns to raise defense (called Default) then use multiple turns at once (called Bravely)

      As for why they're called that...*shrug* Blame 'wacky Japanese' naming conventions?

        Partially correct. But you could it's more to do with the story than the game mechanics.

        Probably more blame "the most normal sounding name we could come up with which still vaguely resembles the translation..."

          The game's Japanese title is spelled in katakana (the script used for words borrowed from other languages), and reads "Bureiburī Deforuto: Furaingu Fearī". So the developers intended the game to be called Bravely Default, rather than this coming from the translators.

            Yes but that's the point. Translation wise it makes sense. But while things may translate directly verbally, the meaning behind it [social, cultural] doesn't get translated with it.

            For example, an english saying, "flogging a dead horse", can translate in a literal sense to Japanese [or any language], but the verbal translation alone isn't enough to convey it's meaning.

            Ultimately, just because "Bravely Default" doesn't necessarily mean much to us, it will have a different meaning in Japanese culture and society, not just from a linguistic point of view.

              It's not a Japanese idiom, it's based on the English meanings of the words. From Wikipedia:
              Hayashi explained in an interview that the title Bravely Default means "have courage and renounce the promises and responsibilities that are expected of you"

                I know.... I just wanted to say that there is more to translation than just the words themselves, and that if something does sound weird to us, it isn't necessarily because of "wacky japanese" naming conventions.

      Because it's from the same company that brought us names like '358/2 Days' and 'Birth By Sleep'.

      Square Enix know enough English words to be dangerous but not enough to be coherent.

    go to big w or Kmart, use self serve, screw those judgmental people

      Then return to the electronics section because the cases are empty to prevent theft.

        didn't think about that, eh, id buy this game with proud, infact i will when i buy it later this week

    I'll take one of those pornos, a box of condoms... someillegalfireworks...

      And a liter bottle of lube..

        and a couple of cucumbers…

          And a partridge in a pear tree!

            how is that embarra….oooooooooh. dude, that's…that's….just wrong. you went too far. too far :P

              Not as far as that cucumber went...

                they were going to be used for a couple of dil….ioushly smooth cucumber smoothies….

      grab a bucket and a single coat hanger while you are at it

    Embarrassed about cover art? Pfft.

    What's wrong with the cover art ?

      My thoughts as well, is showing some thigh considered risqué?

      My question is, where is her nose?

    I'd be more embarressed that I was picking up CoD: Ghosts over Bravely Default.

    If anybody gives you looks for buying a game with a fairy on it they don't deserve your sale.

    By the look of the picture they're suggesting you buy the same game twice just on different platforms

      which is more embarrassing than buying the game thereby doing an excellent job of hiding the initial embarrassment such that it can be attributed to the stupidity of buying two copies of the same game.

    I don't see anything embarrassing about the cover art. She's not naked. now if you walked up with a economy size box of cleanex and lotion. Then maybe it might get awkward. Also, physical media still exists? I downloaded mine, yes I was nekkid at the time.
    By the way I still love the game.

    I'd be more embarrassed to by CoD....

    There isn't anything to even be embarassed about with the cover art is there....Unless I'm missing something.

      It's got a girl on it.

        Well if the running joke is to be believed, so do you most of the time

          if they placed a gigantic phallus on the cover, people would still be embarrassed. its a no win situation :P

    edit nevermind

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    The comments in this article where far more entertaining than the Dorkly link.

    Seems like a stupid idea, why be embarrassed about a game

    I've heard about this ordering online thing where they deliver a game discreetly to your mailbox.

    Actually, if Bravely Default is embarrassing to order, have you ever looked at the covers on the recent Atelier games? The protagonists almost all wear something resembling a nightdress.

    There's literally nothing embarrassing about the Bravely Default cover art.

    The Ghosts cover art is far more embarrassing from a stylistic standpoint.
    Looks like something a highschool kid would come up with in an art or photography class.

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    Hah, I walk out of JB Hifi every so often with a new kids DVD or two for my daughter. Those covers usually have strange looking and brightly coloured creatures, most likely thought up after a serious cocaine and LSD bender.

    A game cover with a anime girl with wings? Your argument is invalid.

    I bought Catherine... wasn't ashamed of that by a long shot, it was the special edition version also, had a smile on my face the entire time... perhaps one day I'll actually play it! :)

    Pro-tip, I've worked in many retail jobs, and sold every thing from games,movies,over the counter drugs and condoms/anal lube.

    The person on the other side of the counter is only half consuis and not really aware of what your buying and certainly doesn't care.

    If you feel weird or self-consuis about what your buying then you will appear nervous.shifty or just plain rude to the salesperson, but be aware that 9/10 times it's either all in your head or they are just reacting to your comfortableness.

    I do remember working at a servo at 3 a.m. in the morning and a guy came in and bought condoms,rubber gloves and duct tape but I didn't bat an eyelid until another guy came in 10 minutes later and bought exactly the same items.I asked is their some weird new sex act trend I'm not aware of?He said that he sent the other guy to buy them but he lost the items on the way back, and now he was gonna have to rape and murder him, I hope it was an attempt at humor.

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