Watch Dogs Delayed On Wii U

Watch Dogs Delayed On Wii U

Following rumours, the Wii U version of Watch Dogs has been delayed, Ubisoft announced during their earnings call today.

Watch Dogs will be out for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC this spring — between April and June, Ubisoft says. The Wii U version will come "at a later date".

A few weeks ago, the Wii U version of Watch Dogs disappeared from GameStop's preorder database, but GameStop has said that was a glitch.


    i was actually at EB yesterday and asked about this and they said there was no ETA for any platform which contradicts their website

    im hoping the delay means they make it a masterpiece!

    Ubisoft are being dicks, obviously the game is cancelled for the U so they should should man up and say it. Not to mention, who will still get it on the U when it's delayed? It's pointless, and I was planning to get it on the U as well as I thought it would suit that system.

    Probably get it on PS4 anyway because of the bonus content. Or PC if I can get it a lot cheaper.

    Still it's another kick in the guts for the WiiU

    Man, wish I could down vote this news.

    This death spiral is depressing. Publishers release Wii U Games late or with less features; people buy a different version because it's released earlier or has more levels/multiplayer/DLC; "nobody buys Wii U Games, why should we put any effort into them?"; rinse and repeat.

    I'm sure it's ultimately Nintendo's Fault for how they've handled their business, but still... *sigh* it's the most next gen console I have. I'd buy everything on it by preference if everything else was equal.

      I know what you mean, I was keen to get this on Wii U but now....

      With a game like this being delayed I'd be willing to bet it's got less to do with Nintendo, and more to do with their competitors.

    Better late than…… oh who am I kidding?

    Time for a do-over Nintendo.

    Well does it really matter since they can't give us a date for it anyway on the other platforms..?

    I have a strange feeling this is the first step towards cancellation, I'm hoping I'm wrong though

      Nah, they are just upgrading the PS3 and X360 graphics!

        I read this quote on another website, it's from Ubisoft when asked about the delay.

        “We made the difficult decision to further delay the release of Watch Dogs on Wii U to focus the team’s resources where they could have the broadest possible benefit for both our customers and Ubisoft”

        So basically they're saying that they have taken the entire Wii U development team and have them working with the other teams on polishing the game on other systems, while the Wii U version effectively sits there untouched until at least post launch for all other systems. The likelihood of the Wii U version being an inferior gimped port with missing features seems more likely now since it seems that Ubisoft have indirectly come out and said the Wii U version of Watch Dogs is their lowest priority.

          I don't think they would still be working on features this late in development would they? Anyway, still going to get it unless it's utterly broken.

            Probably not, but I would assume that the Wii U development is probably more behind that it's counterparts on other consoles, especially if they had to work with the game to ensure it runs on Nintendo's hardware, coupled with the likelihood that the Wii U dev team is smaller than any other team for the other platforms.

            Ubisoft probably think they can afford to burn Nintendo fans with the Wii U launch because at this stage it likely has the lowest projected adoption rate out of the systems the game is releasing on, but it a risky move regardless, shafting the Nintendo fanbase again...

    If you ask me this game seems like its in trouble; it's true that Ubisoft are serial delayers (the latest splinter cell and ghost recon games had huge delays)

    But there was such a huge promotional push for that game around E3 and now nothing.

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