Watch Every Transformation By Every Transformer Ever

Say what you like about the Transformers movies but they sure know how to... Transform. The above clip features 10 minutes of just about every Transformer transformation in every single Michael 'masterpiece' so far.

It's a veritable CGI splurgefest. I don't even want to think how much these shots cost to produce. I'm guessing the footage in these three clips have a production cost comparable to the GDP of Luxemburg. That's how much CGI we're looking at here.

But you can't deny how good it all looks. I thought the first Transformers movie was kinda good, the rest kinda sucky. But I could watch this on a loop all day long.


    So, out of what, like 5 hours, there's only 10 minutes worth of Transformers?

    Also, am I the only person who noticed a problem with consistency in a few of the transformations?

      Not the only one: what I liked about the original transformers was that pieces remained somewhat large and gave them weight and 'realism' (realistic in that a wheel cant reduce its size ridiculously without reducing its effectiveness as a wheel), whereas here things keep breaking down into smaller fractal-like pieces making the transformers seem flimsy and made of spikey razor blades.

    You may think I'm made, but I hate the way the new Transformers... well, transform.

    They have far too many moving parts that serve no purpose whatsoever other than looking good. At least to someone out there.

    It just looks so damned inefficient.

      On the flip side, the transformations in the original cartoons were too simple. I actually think the videogames managed to get a good balance.

      I hate how they look more like Lego Bionic than Transformers.

      Totally agree. They disassemble into so many little moving parts, that it's not surprising to see them reconfigure into something entirely different; they could become whatever, only a step removed from liquid metal. The cool thing about the cartoons (and even cooler about the original toys) is how cleverly the vehicle forms' parts disassembled into limbs and heads appeared from the cabins being rolled inside out and so on.

    As a longtime transformers fan, the one positive I take from these movies is that at least the franchise is being kept alive in the public mind. That way hopefully one day someone will come along and make a reboot that actually does the brand justice.

    One day we will be looking back on these movies, the way one might look back on Batman and Robin, and think "Dear god. I can't believe people actually used to watch shit like this".

    I hate they way it said every transformer ever. Then read the article and it says from the Michael bay movies only.

      Indeed. This is flagrant false advertising, Serrels.

    Oh do 10mins of Shia LaBoof screaming...err acting

    ...oh wait, no

    The first time blackout transformed I had chills

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