Watch Mario Tell You The Time All Day Long

Gizmodo Australia's Editor Luke Hopewell is a big fan of the Pebble, the premier 'smartwatch'. Today it got a fairly major update, featuring a new design, better notifications and the ability to install apps. But the best part? Getting Mario to tell you the time. Obviously.

It's cool and all, but I was really disappointed to hear that Mario does not bump the blocks every time a minute passes. That has to happen. Next update maybe.


    I sure hope Qualcomm are paying attention.. The Toq needs this..

    On the hour it should pop out a mushroom sound effect and all.

    Apart from custom watchfaces, is the pebble all that useful? I'm considering one, but the apps look a bit thin on the ground.

      It filters out your notifications. So I can get SMS, Email and Facebook Messenger updates to my watch, I can see who it is, the nature of the notification and whether to respond to it right away. It's also great for controlling your music/podcasts without taking your phone out of your pocket. I also ride a motorcycle, so these things are especially convenient.

      The official SDK has only just come out of beta. And they have only just [today] launched the app store for it.
      That being said, there is already quite a few interesting apps [weather, custom timers, sleep monitors etc...]. There are also a lot of tie-ins with smartphone apps. Running/fitness aps, GPS/maps stuff, golf scoring etc....

      I've had mine since the first kickstarter releases last year, and it's now an essential piece of tech for me. I've written a few apps myself, server monitors etc... and the SDK is getting stronger with each release.

      It's like all new tech though [especially something entering mainstream for the first time]. Everyone asks "well what sort of things can it do?". It is always going to take time for people to discover new uses for tech. If you cannot see anything which you like just yet, keep an eye on it in the coming months as people start to develop more ideas.

    Ooo ordered myself one of these the other day. Definitely going to grab this when it arrives

    I have a pebble and that watch face (it's awesome) and Mario DOES bump the blocks every minute.

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