Watch One Little Cube Cover The Gorgeous Gamut Of Video Game Graphics

One of the fascinating facets of video games is the various ways in which they can be presented, from fully-realised, superbly-rendered shaderfests, to the simplest of 2D adventures. The video here, entitled "Cube: A Video About Video Game Graphics" does an amazing job of highlighting the more popular visual trends that have appeared in our favourite franchises.

The clip's title states the focus is on gaming graphics — and it is, mostly. But it also captures aesthetics, moods and conceits as well... good enough in fact that you'll have to remind yourself that all you're seeing is a cube with special effects applied.

Kudos to anyone who can pick out all the games the clip references.

Cube: A Video About Video Game Graphics [YouTube, via Blue's News]


    meh... it was all over the place really.. did not find it enjoyable viewing though parts of it were very well produced

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