Watch The Brutal Destruction Of Giant Snow Sculptures

Watch The Brutal Destruction of Giant Snow Sculptures

The Sapporo Snow Festival is over! Yesterday, workers began destroying the huge snow sculptures with diggers.

For decades now, the Sapporo Snow Festival featured some truly impressive large-scale snow sculptures. And when the event is over, the organisers don't sit around and wait for them to melt.

In the video below, you can see yesterday's destruction:

Before the destruction begins, the Japanese Self Defence Force, which is brought in to destroy these things, purifies the sculptures with sake. You can see a bit of that in this 2011 clip:

Here is the One Piece sculpture being destroyed at the 2012 festival:

The Toriko sculpture from that same year:

The 2009 festival:

And now with sad music and snow head decapitation.

So brutal.


    Couldn't they just leave them up until the snow started melting away? Would have actually been a lot easier that way, and people could have enjoyed the displays longer.

      some of the sculptures are 3 stories high, wouldn't want that having a mini avalanche on someone

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