They Climbed One Of The Tallest Buildings In The World Barehanded

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I hope you’re not afraid of heights. If so, you’ll want to steer clear of this video of two bold men climbing the Shanghai Tower.

Do you know how tall that building is? It’s 650 metres. That makes it the second tallest building in the world — and these guys climb it with nothing but their bare hands. Cripes.

Terrifying to think about, but kudos to raskalovit for pulling it off. Can you imagine what it must feel like to look down after a climb like this?

Shanghai Tower (650 meters) [raskalovit]


  • They must some pretty big balls to do that! I’m surprised they didn’t base jump off at the end, It’d be the only sensible thing to do considering what they just did.

  • … So they took the stairs 99% of the way, then an access ramp that was a bit steep? Essentially what construction workers on the project do/did except without a tether?

    I mean i’ve seen a lot of cool vids of people climbing buildings.. It just usually involves more.. actual climbing, rather than “oh look here’s a hand rail right next to me”…..

    • Or google “Alex Honnold”, who climbs large, bare vertical rock faces barehanded.

      What these guys did could be done by any reasonably fit person with a minimal sense of vertigo. That’s not to say it’s unimpressive (there’s no way I could do it) but it’s not “international news” impressive.

  • The way I cringed and felt vertigo watching that, even though I knew I was safe, and that it was just a video and that they weren’t going to fall, makes me even more excited for potential of the Oculus Rift.

  • Pfft… I had more vertigo watching ‘A View to a Kill’s’ Golden Gate Bridge scene..
    “Just taking the car out for a wash”

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