Watch This Rock Band Play A Killer Final Fantasy Medley

Good evening. Here is a rock band covering Final Fantasy IV music as a crowd nerds out at Magfest in Maryland. It is awesome. Enjoy.

[via On Being Human]


  • Unfortunately I’ve yet to play FFIV (I’ve got it, just need to actually play it) but from what I’ve heard of the soundtrack already, that was pretty good. I’d love them to do the same thing with other FF games. Heck, let’s make it a whole series of videos or something.

    • Look up “The Black Mages”

      It’s a rock band that has Nobuo Uematsu (the original composer if you were unaware) in it.
      They play tracks from across all the FF titles Nobuo composed, it’s pretty awesome to hear them do “The Clash on the Big Bridge”.

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