Watch Us Play Titanfall Live, Right Here

Watch Us Play Titanfall Live, Right Here

It'll be another day before the Titanfall beta officially starts for the public, but we've got access right now. And what better to do with the beta than 1) play the hell out of it, and 2) stream it live for you all to be in on the experience.

I'll be playing through the various modes for a few hours on PC. Here are the descriptions of which modes the beta includes, courtesy of EA:

Attrition - Teams win by eliminating anyone or anything on the opposing side ­ pilots, titans and AI soldiers.

Hardpoint Domination - Teams will capture and hold three hardpoints throughout the map to earn points and secure victory.

Last Titan Standing - Everyone on both teams starts with a titan in a round-based mode that ends when one team has lost all of their titans. There's no respawning and no replacement titans can be called down.

I'll try my best to answer as many questions as possible afterwards, while I'm not glued to my keyboard.

And here's the Twitch chat attached to this stream, in case you want to get involved (and get some context on seemingly random things I might be saying):


    I've signed up for the beta, but it really looks like too much of a twitch shooter for my likings.

      At the risk of of copping the white hot rage of the over hyped masses..... It hasn't really impressed me as much as I had hoped.
      Don't get me wrong looks pretty cool and worth checking out, but it seems like another arcade run and gunner.
      It seems very simple game play wise which is not really an issue, it means they had a clear idea of the basic mechanics they wanted the game to revolve around, I just think it needs more depth. (Hopefully this early build is not the core of the game)

      Looking forward to hearing more news as it comes out.

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        I've heard allot of people say that....until they play it and they change their tune.

          Some doesn't mean all. This isn't a simple matter of being sceptical, I have been watching streams all day and there is a certain X factor I am just not seeing in the game, from personal preference of course.
          I am impressed with some of the smaller details, the drop ship animation during the countdown at a rounds start was a nifty addition over the traditional frozen till start method.
          The layout of the buildings with their multiple floors and access points showed attention to strategic detail which I can appreciate.

          But as I said, there was nothing I saw that really kicked me square in the face when it came to the overall gameplay aspect. I know what I like and what I love, and this ticks the like box as something that I could and would likely pick up, just not really sink my teeth in least not yet.

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    Link to the stream for others like myself who couldn't find a link on the article describing twitch streaming.

    I was excited for TF, then i was sad when the whole no local servers on launch thing came out (servers based in Singapore are NOT local). Now I'm excited again. I feel this is mostly due to the fact there are just no other games out. Especially for XboxOne. I'm so bored of BF4.

      If I got sad everytime there was no local server....I'd be forever sad :(

        hahaha... oh wait... that is sad... T_T

          you get over it, I use to play counter strike on dialup haha, would be happy with 1 kill per game.

    Been playing since yesterday afternoon the game is aboslutely fantastic. Cod has a new contender giving mp based games a really shit in the arm

      Lol that's what I said after playing the alpha :D, it really is good isn't it.

    I can’t remember the last time I saw a shooter with as many innovative looking mechanics.

    The interaction between on foot and in-mech, the wall running jetpack stuff, the use of bots, the escape stuff after the missions… it all looks like stuff I’ve never done in a FPS.
    I mean you could say it’s just a shooter, and I suppose that’s right. But you could draw the same parallel between Wolfenstein 3D and Battlefield 4.

    That said I’m not SUPER excited for it just because I generally don’t like squad based multiplayer shooters, particularly on consoles (which is how I’ll be playing this).

    Been playing the beta on Xbox One for a few days now, it's a great game imho, but the lack of local servers is really bothering me. When the match is full of 1 and 2 bar pingers it seems pretty balanced. There is lag, but everyone is lagging. When a 4 or 5 bar player is in a match they easily dominate and I really notice being shot round corners, movement glitches and trouble damaging those with better connections. Typical stuff for 130+ms vs 50ms ping.

    Again, loving the game itself, but beware Aussie, Kiwi gamers, the lag is an issue, and will only be worse on and after release.

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