We Will Have Back To The Future Power Laces In 2015

Yeah, yeah, yeah we all want hoverboards. I know. It sucks. Also — flying cars. They don't exist. This is a tragedy. We're almost at 2015 and the world that Back to the Future 2 promised us has yet to eventuate, but it looks like we will see one of that movie's promises realised: power laces.

Tinker Hatfield is the designer behind some of Nike's most popular shoes, and at Jordan Brand's Flight Lab space in New Orleans, someone asked him about power laces. This was his reply.

“Are we gonna see power laces in 2015? To that, I say YES!”

I say hell yes — but I had a pair of Reebok Pump in the 90s. That's just how I roll.

As for the hover board. I'm still holding out hope.

Tinker Hatfield Confirms Power Laces Will Return In 2015. Will It Be The MAG? [Sole Collector]

Via Gizmodo


    Didn't they release LTD edition of these shoes already back when the movie first came out? did they have power laces?

    I bought new Nike shoes on the weekend... not a hint of power laces anywhere.

    I'm hoping 2015 will give us a functional fax machine.

      I think you might be asking for the impossible with that.

    So next up, the dehydrated pizza?

      Already available.

      Everything on dominos menu! HAHA! Sorry.

      That much topping on a pizza? Not likely.

    I could not afford Reebok pumps in the 90s :(

      Shame man!

      I was lucky enough to have a pair of the Dee Brown signature Pumps and also a pair of Charles Barkley Air Max....and the amusing thing was, I was rubbish at basketball. This white man, couldn't jump much at all. Too short, so all I could play was guard. Haha.

        Trax were the highlight of primary school for me

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