What Are The Worst Multiplayer Faux Pas?

We all have them: pet peeves that drive us up the wall when playing a multiplayer game with a bunch of folks. Sore winners. Loot stealers. Lone wolves who screw everything up. They make us crazy. Let's talk about them.

A discussion about the most aggravating behaviours in multiplayer games happens in the video above, put out by YouTube webseries Best Game Show Ever. Some of the worst crap you can encounter in online matches — spawn-point camping, vehicle hijacking, spouting racist and sexist crap — gets name-checked in the video but let's hear it from you. What makes you madder than hell when you're facing off against people in a multiplayer game?


    The worst?

    Tacked on multiplayer in single player games.

      *cough* elder scrolls online *cough*

        That's a new game. Not a tacked on feature to a single player game.

      AND tacked on single player for multiplayer games. Battlefield series is best left as a multiplayer game only. Wasting development hours on the stupid single player and not enough time on the MP.

        Same as any CoD game I guess.

          I actually really liked the single player campaign in COD4 all those years ago.

            I think at that stage they didn't realise the gigantic success their multiplayer would be.

        It makes sales though, I have a few friends who only have internet on their phones. They still buy COD and Battlefield and play them singleplayer.

        This is why I like the idea of Titanfall - imagine if DICE had the balls to do that one year - they'd probably half their development cost

      How about tacked on Single player to a multiplayer game *cough* CoD *cough*

    I don't really get too annoyed with anything other than 'hackers' playing in a normal lobby.

    quitting early because your team is going to lose. man i hate that

      Particularly bad when it's not a foregone conclusion, and if people just tried, instead of going 'gg' and giving up, it could easily be turned around.

        Exactly right. And turning around a doubtful or losing game is a million times more fun than playing an inevitable win from the beginning. Even fighting as hard as possible in a losing game and still losing is pretty fun.

          I don't even mind losing, but at least have a go. I'd rather a loss or a win I fought tooth and nail for over an absolute drubbing either way.

          WoW BGs are awful for this kind of stuff. Half the time your team mates give up the moment they see the other team, or start losing early on - 'Oh, they outgear us, gg', etc. Who cares? Give 'em hell! Fight for it! God forbid you actually play the game for fun.

          K/D ratios are another source of this brand of evil too - people are more concerned with stats/gear/unlocks, etc than actually playing the game. Lost count of how many people have given me shit for my 0.8 or 0.9 *gasp* KDR in say, BF3 - when I tell them I couldn't care less and play for fun, I get more shit. Crazy that an objective based game may not hinge upon your 133.7 KDR.

          I'm decent, but sometimes I'm playing support classes, and I die without getting kills - but I'm still contributing.

          Last edited 20/02/14 3:03 pm

            I hear that! Support is great when you know you can do some good and help your team. Lone wolf roles are fun but there were many times when I changed over from that to support or jumped into a leadership role to stop things from going to shit and get things back on track.

            I did nothing but snipe when I played Bf3. Sometimes I would play a game of rush that would last like an hour and maybe only get like 8 kills, but still had the best time!

    Online gaming has screamed downhill since it became accessible to every freaking 10 year old on the planet.

    You never had this shit back in the days of WC2 B.Net or LAN parties.

    Last edited 20/02/14 1:35 pm

      I remember playing WC2 battlenet when I was early highschool, so 12-13? :p I also remember doing shitty things back then like playing Age of Empires 2, and quickly ticking to turn cheats on just before the game started. So some poor prick would send his second age army to scope you out, and you'd take him out with lasermen.

      As long as gaming has been online, there have been young douches haha

        Sad but true.
        Only ever played 2 games of CounterStrike: First game: Nice, has some potential.
        2nd Game - I was defending the hostages - BAM - Headshot, through the wall, from the other end of the map -> Wallhack & aimbot! Eff that.

    No communication. Seriously there's a fucking headset AND kinect in every Xbox One box, and less people talk than on the 360? You end up just having to lone wolf it without being able to chat.

      Not everyone in my house wants to hear me talking at the TV in the lounge room. I don't think multiplayer games should rely on voice chat at all.

        Well teamwork based games do, I wish people who didn't want to talk would stick to free for all.

      I am sure I'm not alone when I say that I feel very awkward talking to my TV around other people.

    People that sit in games with their headsets on, unmuted, never talking, but sharing their screaming kids/noisy family/barking dog/open mouth chewing/terrible fucking music with everyone else in game.

      "That's your spaghetti on the bench! ON THE FUCKING BENCH!!! I ALREADY FUCKING ATE!" mid Titanfall on the weekend. Dingus wouldn't talk to anyone though.

      Or their arguments with mummy about bath time.

        Hearing the squeakers at 8pm say "I've gotta go, my mum is being a bitch and making me go to bed."
        And they always have a name like "JohnnyBigCock69" with a pair of tits for their playercard.

    Playing objective based game modes, being surrounded by people thinking it's TDM and just playing for frags.

    I started playing modern FPS's for the strategy/team-based game modes that weren't just about racking up kills.
    I stopped playing modern FPS's for the reason stated above.

      Oh man, too true. I used to love playing objective game types in the Halo2 days, at the very start of xboxlive. But after not too long ppl just played to better their K/D ratios. Sucked the fun right out of it

        I created a mode for Halo 1, called Rally Hell. It was a Team Check Point game played in Vehicle Maps with Health and Shields maxxed out. We where playing this in a LAN where the object of the game was it's a race not a Deathmatch.

        My team won 10 straight games because the other guys stayed in the base with Sniper Rifles, 400% Health, 400% Shields and we're driving Warthogs at full speed. Yet the other entire team was Sniping us. We could actually hear them arguing over changing the strategy to win. Only effective weapon was the Warthog itself and the Rocket Launcher and only to knock over the Warthogs.

        The other team used to complain when we killed them from behind because they always got the sniper rifle and went to the same spots. Never looked out from behind the scope.

          Clearly it was unbalanced and needed to be changed to fit their play style....

    Yeah! Clips of Halo 1 and Reach! The best multiplayer Halo games! (I would have thrown in ODST as well).

    I hate the people who are using their own stats or level as victory over you, especially when you're talking about something they disagree with. I even had someone state that since I don't have a rank 50 account on Halo 3 I have no right to talk about the franchise, period.

    Was Oddjob really that hard to take down? Just c-down whenever you see him, insta-head aim. Love how they did the height comparison against Jaws though, the only other non-standard sized character (taller).

    I love rage quitters.

    Spazz player: "Aaargh Fruuuugh awwww stop shooting us with the MG arrrgh, man F*#@K this Shit"
    Spazz player has left the game (user disconnected)

    Love it.

    What a bunch of whining fucking Nancies.

    Controller throwers are the worst.

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