What Are You Playing This Weekend?

You know what? I'm still playing Dark Souls and I'm pretty close to actually finishing the game, but maybe I'll take a break this weekend and play Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Maybe.

But everyone, I'm so close to the end, and I love Dark Souls so much. Man, I really regret not playing this game when it first came out. This could have been like my tenth playthrough!

Donkey Kong Country though... I absolutely loved the first Donkey Kong Country game from Retro Studios, and this is the team behind one of my all-time favourites, Metroid Prime. I guess this is one of those good problems: choosing between two high quality games I'm really excited about.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Hmm, I don't know. I've just finished DX:HR(DC) and Miles Edgeworth Investigates! in the last few days. Maybe I'll take a gaming sabbatical until Dark Souls 2.

      The Dig!

        Haha, I don't actually own The Dig.

          I do, I'd lend it to you if I could :)

          It's only $4.99 on steam.


            Nah, it's all good. It's actually funnier if I don't own it :P

              You aren't on steam yet are you? Because as soon as you are, I'm buying it for you.

                Why would you ruin a perfectly good joke? Also, no plans to be on Steam, sorry :P

                  I feel sad that you never played the best adventure game of all time. :(

                  @kermitron Why would you assume that? I played it way back in the glorious 90s. I even own the novelisation. It's just been a hella long time since I owned the game itself :P

    So keen to play some Dark Souls. Wanna try out this Ornstein and Smough combo that everybody is complaining about... but then I stupidly got myself trapped in the Painted World. Still, I made a fair bit of progress last weekend and powered through a few bosses, so hopefully I'll do the same this weekend.

    Also promised @neo_kaiser that we'd play some Halo ODST. Somehow haven't actually played this one at all yet, should I do anything to prepare before we start?

      Yes, don't rush the game, take your time to absorb the atmosphere. Rushing it will just make you think you wasted money on a short campaign.

        I bought it for $5, not too concerned :)

        But should I do any armour customisation, intro watching, whatever, first? Or can I safely switch it on and jump right in?

          There's really no armour customisation like Reach. Only in multiplayer.

          The intro is treated as a seperate level. Personally I have no problem letting people watch it. I'm actually interested in seeing how people react to the intro and I don't know if it only happens to player 1.

          Also have to figure out who's hosting since Halo campaigns across the internet can really crash if the host isn't the best.

      Install fucking night-vision sensors directly into your retina, hack the game code to run on something compatible with light reflection, and prepare your anus.

      That game is dark, man.

        This is all sound advice. My anus was unprepared.

        On a (hopefully) unrelated note, Nathan Fillion was quite good in that game.

      I'm up to Ornstein and Smough now. Although I haven't tried to tackle them yet.

      I've just been farming to get better weapons as I've been carrying the Drake sword for 20+ hours. Finally made the Quelaag fire sword last night. Aiming to make the Iron Golem Battleaxe next, although I need to boost my strength a tad.

      I noticed there is now a merchant under the bridge near the fire link shrine so I bought a few items off of him. I look badass now! lol

      I only just beat those two royal pains in the ass. I was going to take a break from Dark Souls. A mate of mine opened up his extensive 360 collection to me and let me raid the hell out of it.

      Then I made the mistake of looking at Kotaku.

      Anyway, if I pull myself away from Dark Souls, Crysis 2 or FFXIII-2.

      My copy of DS just got delivered today from Ozgameshop. Time to see what the fuss is about!

    Probably a mix between Donkey King Country Tropical Freeze, Danganronpa, Ys Memories of Celceta or Lightning Returns.

    I have room hunting to do tomorrow. Also have a Warmachine tournament on Sunday.

    Other then that, I've been putting a large amount of time into Kingdoms of Amalur. That game is friggen long! 70 hours of gameplay and I've only covered about half the game (unless the final areas are battles in huge areas instead of questing). Thing is though, I'm not exactly bored of it. Every new quest I pick up is varied and different with its own story. There's really no "Kill x creature, y times" quests.

    I'm also thinking about getting some ODST co-op happening. But everybody keeps playing on Xbone!

      I've really got to get into that properly before this generation ends. It's funny, I feel like I have to get all this XBOX 360/PS3 stuff done soon or else I'll miss it, but going back and forth between the XBOX 360 and XBOX One isn't a huge deal. I know I could probably just play Kingdoms a year from now and be fine with it but my brain won't let me believe that. =P

        I knew I'd be skipping out on next-gen for a year to finish off the previous one. I still have Castlevania, Dark Souls 2 and maybe Thief to do as well.

        It would have been better if the new consoles was backwards compatible. Then you could get into next-gen but still take the time to go back and finish what you've done before.

          I really wish the previous generation was somehow forward compatible. As in my 360 works as a hardware expansion module to the XBOX One that allows it to play XBOX 360 titles using the XBOX One hardware. Even if it just blindly forwarded the inputs/outputs through the XBOX One allowing me to use the XBOX One controller and jump right back to the XBOX One Home screen that'd be great (obviously optimised to remove that HDMI input lag).
          It's probably the only thing I'm really jealous of PC gamers over. They build a new PC and can still play all their old games, enhanced no less.

        I suspect that's because there's very little substantial difference in graphics only refinement at the edges

    DKC releases tomorrow, on a Saturday, which is kind of strange.

    I'm still waiting for a retailer to offer a Wii U + DKC bundle.

    However, I still have Assassin's Creed 4 to finish. Taking me ages but I'm a sucker for sidequests, and there's a lot of sidequests in AC4...

    I reckon you should finish off Dark Souls @markserrels, there's a few big games coming in the next couple of weeks (Thief, Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2, South Park: The Stick Of Truth) that might prevent you going back and finishing it before Dark Souls II comes out.

    I'm still only up to the Capra Demon, so I think I'll go back and finish it after I've finished Dark Souls II.

      Which Capra Demon? The Capra Demon that's a boss? Or the 30 Cabra Demons that become regular enemies?

        The Boss, with the friggin' dogs.

          I know. I'm saying that he becomes a regular enemy :P

            Holy crap!

              It's surprisingly easier when they're regular enemies ... mostly because you can kite one at a time to an open area if you're careful and then it's just a butt tonne easier to read it's moves and murder it violently. The boss fit is terrible mostly because it's the first time you're forced to take on multiple enemies at once and the tight space makes the camera unreliable.

              You'll feel amazing after you beat it though. I know I did

              yeah you fight two at once when you come across them as a regular enemy after killing the Quallog Demon (booby spider women). Though you have more area to move and suddenly you will go pfft easy!

            To be fair, the regular enemy version is called a "Lesser Capra Demon"

    Putting everything else aside for DK.

    My copies of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Fable: Anniversary arrived in the mail earlier in the week, about three quarters of the way through Tomb Raider, so I'll finish that off first. Didn't get to Ducktales: Remastered last weekend, so I might do that next, then onto Fable, with some Rayman: Legends on Xbone inbetween.

    Edit: Just remembered, I played through the first episode of The Wolf Among Us during the week, so I'll have to try and find some time to play through episode 2 as well.

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      Fable: Anniversary...ahh the memories, that'll be so much fun. Wish my 360 didn't crap out the other day/wish it was on Xbone!

        Yeah, got some great memories of playing Fable on the original XBox, so I'm really looking forward to getting back into it. Jack Of Blades here I come.

        Damn, that sucks about your 360, but you never know they might release it on the Xbone store down the track.


    Watch out for the monkey! He throw things!

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    Looks like tonight I'll be playing some Monaco and/or other multiplayer games with people from this website! Then saturday is the friend-is-21-let-us-drink-lots-and-dance game. Should be fun.

    He's the leader of the bunch, you know him well. He's finally back to kick some tail.

    Downloaded the Last of Us Left Behind so I'll probably have a stab at that. That'll probably be it. With the 2nd Test on, semi finals of the Olympics Ice-Hockey, WGC Matchplay, I'll be watching more sport than anything.

    Continuing with my Pile of Shame.......The Witcher.

    Do I do all the piddly side missions in GTA V now that I've finished it or continue with Fallout 3 & Skyrim saves? Damned choices. Might also push further on with FFVII. Time to go back on myself and get that Beta enemy skill

      I should really go back to Skyrim and play the DLC I bought and haven't touched yet. And go back to New Vegas and play the DLC I haven't touched yet. I actually did finally play through the Sierra Madre and Burned Man DLCs (can't remember their real names) but I got sidetracked mid-way through Old World Blues and haven't been back.

      The problem with those games being so awesome and having so much replayability is that I have them on my 360 which I will retire at some point and never go back to. :/

        I finished New Vegas before I got the DLC and every time I start it again I get to Novac and lose interest. I haven't properly played the Skyrim DLC either. Mind you , I haven't actually finished the main quest yet. I just went to Falkreath the other day for the first time ever in 2 years of playing the game

    I've been pretty obsessed with twitchplayspokemon over the past week so might throw a couple of commands in there with the masses and keep updated with the progress.

    Lego Marvel while I wait for DKCTF to arrive in the post in the next week or so.

    I grabbed "Banished" off Steam and ran it up last night
    Its actually really cool!
    Give it a go - http://www.shiningrocksoftware.com/game/

      This.. A thousand times this! It's an incredible game!

    I've really gotta get my copy of the Last of Us back so I can play the DLC. Damn disc-based games, victim of my own generosity etc, I need to go digital only so that I can be a selfish asshole

    I'm kind of between games now having finished the Game of Thrones RPG earlier in the week. I ordered Gears of War Judgement cheap on Wenesday but it didn't get dispatched until yesterday afternoon for some reason so I guess it probably won't get delivered until next week now.

    My wife has been occupying the TV by marathonning Fringe, which I'm not really interested in, so I'll probably be limited to the PC for most of the weekend. I imagine this means I will try and burn through some games from Humble Bundle 11, or start a new game of CiV since I got the Brave New Wolrd expansion in the Sid Meier Humble Bundle.

    If not, I might consider starting a playthrough of the Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Director's Cut) now that I've finally gotten around to actually buying it. I've been wanting to replay DX:HR for ages but kept putting it off because I knew there was a director's Cut in the wild and didn't want to play the original version.

    I have options, is what I'm saying.

      I just finished DXHRDC, and can recommend it wholeheartedly. It's by far the best and most exciting stealth I've ever played.

        Oh, did you manage to get the non-lethal achievement?

          I missed it because nobody told me that the intro in which you're forced to shoot people also counts.

            Forced? I stealthed through that and didn't even get spotted... :\

              I enter a room, guys run out and start shooting me. How am I supposed to act? I'm still figuring out the controls and mechanics, I have to submit to basic insinct until I get a handle on everything.

                Did you consider a second playthrough?

                  I did, I was actually thinking of doing that for the Directors Cut but that was only released onto WiiU for Australia :\

                  But for the original game I've been too busy playing other games to start again.


          If you're going to go for it, here are some lightly-spoiler tips:

          1) When you get the "punch through walls" augmentation, be careful if there's someone on the other side of the wall. Jensen will punch through and snap necks in the same motion.
          2) If you stun someone from a distance (tranq rifle or stun gun), be careful they don't fall off a balcony or anything. That can count as a fatality.
          3) There are no penalties for destroying mechs, and you can do this with impunity. There seems to be some difference on opinion whether enemies caught in the fire of a self-destructing mech count as kills or not, though, so some caution is advocated. You can always sneak past or disable them anyway, which is probably better.
          4) It's unclear whether enemies lying in puddles can drown. Some people seem to swear it's true. Play it safe and drag them out of puddles.
          5) If you drag an unconscious enemy too far, especially up or down stairs, you can kill them. Same if you drop things on them or stack corpses in a vent, etc

            I'll probably give it a go for five minutes then get fed up and just kill stuff, but cheers!

    Bravely Default! Haven't had this much fun with a JRPG in forever!

    I'm gonna be playing Strider on the Xbox One and DKC:TF on Wii U this weekend. Then there's Thief on PS4 on Thursday. Hopefully my Titanfall CE ships from the Titanfall Store during the week.

    I'd get the DLC for The Last of Us too but I'm short on funds at the moment.

    Hopefully my Titanfall CE ships from the Titanfall Store during the week.

    I highly doubt that's gonna happen, considering that the Australian release date is almost 3 weeks away, even the American's don't get it till the 11th of March.

    Edit: Was meant to be a reply to @samtheman

    Edit 2: I would be extremely surprised if they shipped any orders earlier than 1 or 2 days before release.

    Last edited 21/02/14 12:44 pm

    I'll finish off The Last of Us: Left Behind and then maybe god back into the pile O shame and take a look at Spec Ops: The Line.

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