What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Dark Souls update. Dear God I am almost finished with this game. Just the last boss battle to go and I'm done. I was up until 1am trying to beat him last night. My nerves are frazzled.

Perhaps the most cruel and punishing part of this whole scenario is this: an early copy of Dark Soul II is set to hit my desk this afternoon.

I'm sorry Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, I'm sorry all the other games I had planned to play catch up on. It's all over. It's all Souls all of the time.

What are you all playing this weekend?


    Banished.... Still
    The more I tinker with this game, the more I want to tinker with this game
    I haven't been sucked in to a title like this for a long time, and Im loving every minute of it

    I'll probably finish up DKC: Tropical Freeze. I'm up to World 5!

    Most likely:
    Fire Emblem (which I might finish off today)
    BioShock Infinite
    Lightning Returns

    And maybe I'll start a co-op sesh of Dragon's Crown

    -Rediscovering Diablo III after the new patch, so leveling my Monk to 60 and finishing story again.

    -Guessing I'm 2/3 through my Castlevania Lords of Shadow (first one) playthrough, and will finish that in anticipation of LoS2, which is preloaded and waiting.

    -Shadowrun Returns : Dragonfall dropped today, will investigate if I find the time.

    -Purchased PvZ Garden Warfare for Xbone yesterday, and have yet to play - this looks like amazing fun.

    While listening to the "music inspired by Fallout 3/New Vegas" albums she bought on iTunes, I was discussing with my wife last night how I'm yet to finish playing the DLC for Fallout 3 and I never finished the DLC or main story of New Vegas. We then got into a discussion about how much we loved New Vegas, and how I'd probably be able to finish it now that they've cleaned up the memory leak issue that caused awful loading times after 40-50 hours or so. My wife was sayinghow there are some games too dull to watch me play, New Vegas is a game she never ever gets sick of, and so proposed that instead of sneaking in my gaming while she's doing something else or sleeping, I sit down this weekend and finally finish New Vegas.

    So I will probably be playing Guacamelee.

    First off; HHNNGNGGHGGJKWHFEUHFI UHICHdjiagheripgviuS!!!!!!!11 That's the pure anger/jealousy I have at/for you for having Dark Souls II already.

    Second, Bravely Default/Day Z/ Dota2

    I have been putting a LOT of time into Kingdoms of Amalur. Over 90 hours and I've just about reached the final land (which is 5 areas) and then will have to do the DLC. I've easily got another 20 hours left to do.

    I also will probably finish my ODST co-op playthrough with Batguy.

      I picked KoA in when it was on sale on Steam a few weeks back... I'm REALLY enjoying it about 10 hours in. Glad someone else is playing it with me this weekend :)
      I'll be on the elder scrolls beta occasionally too.

        Struggled to get into the lore... Will have to eventually as no new games until I clear this back log.

    I'll be playing Watch Mark Serrels Twitter Feed About How Much He Dies In Dark Souls II.
    I expect it'll be loads of fun (rated M15+ due to coarse language)

    Playing this little unknown game called Dark Souls. You've probably never heard of it.

    Beat Four Kings then placed the Lordvessel last night. I've done pretty much every available area up to this point, so I think I'll get within spitting distance of the end this weekend.

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    I'm hoping PvZ:GW is gonna arrive from ozgameshop today. If it does, I'll be playing that all weekend.

    Finally finished the insane playthrough of Outlast (died 3 times in a row in the last section!!). So about to move onto Thief

    Yeah I was pretty much in the same boat, got to the point this week where I realise dark souls was taking over my life again so I made a rush on Gwyn just to get it out of the way. Had forgotten though that the best way to beat him is to parry and I can't parry worth a damn...

    Lord Gwyn? If you wanna beat him, you gotta master your parry's man. If you can't master the parrys though....just spam the hell out of the parry button every time he starts his crazy attack, chances are you'll catch one of his hits, knock him back and STABBDS

      My first run through of the game was the Timmy Turtle Technique - hide behind a big shield and poke things with a spear. Seemed to work OK on Gwyn.

        I'll be honest, I couldn't have beaten him without the help of my Crystal Halbred which I saved for nearly the entire game

      Oh I beat him eventually, his move set isn't too difficult to read. Spent a lot of time hiding behind one of the stalagmites though, only to jump out and hit him with Queelag's when ever he went for a grab or kick.

    Going for a blast from the past with a bit of Tales of Symphonia.

      I wish they dubbed the skits :(. It just feels weird going back to unvoiced skits in the earlier games.

        You can play the whole thing with the original Japanese audio, skits are voiced then at least. I'm not 100% on whether I'll play with a dub or original, maybe dub for nostalgia first time and original second time. (I think it takes 3 playthroughs minimum to finish the item encyclopedia)

    The great upgrade to xbox one is done! So before Titanfall lands, I somehow need to get through AC4 and play lots of Forza whilst trying to wrest control from my children playing the lego movie game (which is pretty awesome too.... Unikitty rocks...)

    MGS3 to get the platinum trophy.
    Maybe Dishonored for the same reason if time allows.

    ESO Beta if I can get on - with over 4 million beta keys in the wild, I'm expecting unreasonably long queues even in off-peak times. Failing that, Thief or Skyrim... Eyefinity makes Thief amazing - being able to keep an eye on guards in my peripheral vision is super handy.

    Also, obligatory Rocksmith 2014. Starting to get between 90 and 105% in some of the simpler songs, which is a great confidence booster. I know it's being very lenient in some cases, but it's still nice to know I'm making progress.

    The great Moving Game. Packing all my current items and equipment into small boxes that will take either one or two party members to carry from the home village to a far off city.

    Big problem is I currently lack party members. Trying various conversation options with people to raise reputation, but no luck so far. May have to grind out some gifts for rep instead. Thinking beer and pizza should be a good hand in.

    I don't think there is a more discussed game on Kotaku than Dark Souls...
    Well it worked. Went and bought a copy last week.

    Maybe I should turn the PS3 on and play Beyond Two Souls or something..

    Got my second ESO beta weekend. They were even nice enough to give me an extra key. Hopefully I will have time to mess around in pvp this time round. Should be fun.

    Another day another dark souls article by serrels. If he's not talking about about dark souls he's talking about (surprise surprise) donkey kong or windwaker. We get it. You like those games. Now how about you use your privileged position to write some articles of substance? Kotaku is not the site it used to be and this is one of reasons!

    I didnt understand the extremely negative review on here, it seems alright to me,
    Except of course for the 6gig day one patch. Ouch.

    I'll be spending most of my time with EDF 2025. Gotta catch 'em all (crazy weapons that is).
    And maybe I'll put some more time into Dust: An Elysian Tale.

    Dungeon Keeper 2 - Nearly finished it

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