What DayZ Players Say Before They Die

What DayZ Players Say Before They Die

Losing your character in DayZ can be really depressing sometimes, especially if you are fully geared. So playing smart and carefully choosing your last words can save your life. Here's YouTuber Beeshke and his collection of footage of other players, trying to save their lives — without much success.

The moral of the story? Don't trust anyone saying "I'm friendly."

What Players Say Before They Die - DayZ Standalone [Beeshke, YouTube]


    Well my last death was geometry bug related so I just went with my usual exasperated sigh followed by "Fucking Arma..."

    Man. If this were a real post apocalyptic zombie world I'd hate to run into DayZ players. Was thinking of buying this but...Does pretty much everyone kill you on site in that game haha?

    Oh and...There *are* zombies in this right? Never played the original mod but I was expecting some sort of Walking Dead inspired scavenging, survival horror, adventure style game.

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      Killing on sight has always been in the spirit of DayZ, it's only the amount of killing on sight that has some players riled up. When you ran into a player there was always a grey area where you weren't too sure whether or not a player would kill you on sight. In the standalone that grey area has greatly reduced because of the amount of players coming from other FPS games with the PVP mentality. You can choose to not KoS as I've traditionally done, but this will likely get you killed in SA, so you'll likely turn to KoS to defend yourself against it. A vicious cycle. What might change things is when they add more dangerous zombies.

      Yes there are zombies around, it's just that there is so little spawning and they aren't respawned at this point, so the first players to sweep a town will just wipe them out.

      Just remember. This is Alpha. content /fixes are slowly being added now on a weekly basis and you can't expect much from it. If you like what you see so far, buy it. If not, wait for the final release.

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