What's 'The Perfect Game'?

What's 'The Perfect Game'?

Oh, don't be silly. There's no such thing as a "perfect" game. Or maybe there is?

Nah, surely not.

But wait… then again…

You know what, let's see what you guys think. What game fits your definition of The Perfect Game? Surely it means something different to everyone. What makes a game perfect to you? And why?

Weigh in in the comments below, and please include the game's name and why you think it's The Perfect Game.


    Oh, don’t be silly. There’s no such thing as a “perfect” game. Or maybe there is?

    No, there's not.

    Closest you will get to the "perfect game" is the game you are thoroughly engrossed in any given moment

    What I love, and think is perfect today, may not be so tomorrow

      What I love, and think is perfect today, may not be so tomorrow

      and may not be the same for the next person.

      Correction- the definition of a "perfect game" is Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue. Nothing shall ever be better than that game!

        What makes this funnier is that I grew up in Tassie :oP

          The game was practically made for you and yet you ignore its greatness!!!?

    There is no such thing as the perfect game for everyone. However, I'll answer with this. As I said to IGN when they tweeted the same question this morning, not playing as a white guy with brown hair all the time would be a great start. Joe Everyman is boring as batshit.

    Ocarina of Time is as close as it gets for me. But I don't think any game can ever be truly perfect.
    There will always be something about it that will annoy you or could have been done better no matter how small of a detail.

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    Arcanum, deathrow, heroes of might and magic 3.

    All with faults but have a perfect experience overall.

      + 1 Arcanum! God damn that takes me back.

      All with faults but have a perfect experience overall.

      You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    Tetris is the perfect game. Impeccable mechanics, simple yet engaging difficulty, surprising complexity, and graphics that fit. Iconic soundtrack.

    Lumines is pretty friggin close

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      This is another excellent answer. I guess part of the question is understanding what we define as a game. In terms of it's design and rules and engagement, Tetris is pretty nigh unbeatable as a game.

      Maybe modern games that tell a story need to be called something else, because we're not really doing this kind of pure gaming anymore. Well, people who play Candy Crush Saga on Facebook are. Maybe they're the real gamers.

      Story is pretty far out, though.

        I know you're joking, but I'm glad that Tetris doesn't even attempt a story- it's a pure "abstract" game without (esp these days) a theme even added to it.

          I dunno, they did have that subplot about the Russians and their dealings with extra-terrestrials.

    Some insane cross between Fallout: NV, Bioshock 2 and Portal.

    Another answer is Half Life 3. (so I guess there will never be a perfect game)

    A game that uses logical and well-polished gameplay rules to deliver an interesting narrative with compelling and layered characters from the protagonist(s) to the antagonist(s) to the support cast, who are well acted enough to not take you out of the experience and effectively balance action/problem solving with more subtle interaction with the story depending on what the situation calls for. It should ultimately deliver on it's plan of telling a story people want to see, and resolve it in a satisfying way, even if that resolution is controversial, bittersweet or even sad.

    It's a pretty broad criteria, and I don't believe there is one perfect game that stands above all others, but I would consider The Last of Us and Mass Effect 2 to be good examples from recent years.

    There are games that when you play, at no point do you ever think "I wish that was different", and you're swept along by how amazing they are throughout the entire playthrough.

    For me, only two games have done that perfectly, both of them short games.




    To me, those are perfect games, as I wouldn't change anything about them and they are masterfully executed works of art. There are many other games that are so good I would give a 10/10 to on a standard rating system, but that I know are not really perfect games.

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      Yeah, it's Portal for me. It not only hits every goal it sets for itself, it surpasses them. The visuals, the sound, the storytelling, the way it all integrates into the gameplay, there just really isn't anything that could be improved. Except maybe technical stuff like faster load times or higher res graphics, but those are the kinds of things that would improve every game.

    Little Big Planet 2

    It was LBP1 until 2 was released. it was a game in which you could create your own perfect game.


      Then Project Spark will blow your mind.

        I'll need to check it out. Thanks

          I've been playing the beta on PC. Given enough time and work, you can honestly create anything. The visual programming language (referred to as "Kode") is fantastic, really will help people understand the basics of programming (When [something happens] -> Do [this]).

          Everything has a brain that's programmable and you have almost complete control over map and object physics. Cut scenes, camera angles (people have been making games from sidescrollers, to vehicle racing to FPS and adventure RPG's), dialogues, quest lines, all possible to make.

          Here's a little example brain (http://i.imgur.com/6xvGog8.jpg). Sorry about the essay, it's one of my most anticipating games of 2014. It's incredible what people have been creating in the beta.

    Why complicate it.

    The answer is obviously Dark Souls.

    Chrono Trigger was pretty much perfect.

    FF7, Portal 2, Day of the Tentacle, Seiken Densetsu 3 and Escape Velocity for mine

    My vote is for Garry's Incident

      I think they meant other than Garry's Incident, since it's just to perfect to compare to any other videogame in existence.

      I thought your vote was going to be Biker Mice from Mars :P

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    No game is perfect, at least not for me. Why? Because the qualities by which I judge a game occasionally conflict with each other, or they might change over time. For example, I like large games with a lot of player freedom, but I also want immersive, interesting stories, and I get frustrated by bugs/glitches. The larger a game gets, the more bugs it will have. The more freedom is given to the player, the more likely it will be to be able to break or exploit the system. The more immersive the story is, the more likely it is to be linear, constrained, and scripted.

    People are complex, and their ideas of "perfect" are rarely realisable because of the above - either the qualities they desire in a game conflict with one another, or as they play something that meets their qualities, they think of a way it could have been even better, thus moving the goal posts.

    I dont have a perfect game but I do have a few favourite games. Chrono Trigger and Persona 4 are amongst then

    The one in your head. The actual act of making a game is a sequence of compromises.

    Perfect games are games I can come back to a decade or two later and still be in awe of. I'd classify these as my perfect games:

    Sega Rally Championship
    Super CastleVania 4 and Bloodlines
    The original Sonic series
    Tetris and Columns
    Castle & World of Illusion
    OutRun, Space Harrier and Afterburner II
    Virtual Fighter 2 & Kids
    Soul Calibur
    Grandia series

    Each and every one still blow me away with their playability, sound and graphics.

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    * MGS1 and MGS3
    * Uncharted 2
    * Batman Arkham Asylum and City

    Necromancer, by Bill Williams on the Atari 800.
    Pure. Gaming. Perfection.

    Or BallBlazer on the same system, my brother and I played that against each other for hours a day, seemingly forever.

    Duke Nukem Forever... before you actually play it...

    Unfortunately once you start playing you wish you hadn't...

    If the perfect game already existed then no more would of been made since or a least no more would of been sold. From that I can only assume that it is still in development.

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