What's The Worst Game You've Ever Bought?

What's The Worst Game You've Ever Bought?

Not everything is worth the price we pay for it. In fact, some games aren't worth the disc they're printed on.

Today I thought I'd ask you guys about the worst games you've ever bought, the ones you really regretted purchasing. You could've put that money toward a new blender, or a cool pair of pants!

Weigh in in the comments, and please include the name of the game, and why it was the worst game you've ever bought.


    Kingdom hearts, because it was 2 things i loved disney and square but it was total shit

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      While i'll refrain from the many rude comments i'd like to say. What i will say is that i don't think you'll find many people that'll agree with you

      Kingdom Hearts... Shit?!
      Ehh, your opinion I guess...

        It took me a while to get into but after that you just lose yourself in it, figuring out if your key has really sharp teeth or if your actually bludgeoning the enemies

      Wow. I clicked on your score expecting to see you only had up votes because people were clicking it to balance out the down votes because people were pissed at you trash talking their favorite game.

      No downvotes... (as of typing) I appear to have underestimated the maturity of the Kotaku.au community,

    While I'm tempted to say Lair or Haze, I'm going to go with Far Cry 2. Absolutely hated that game.
    Reasons: Horrible AI, super boring missions, and I feel as though it lacked any form of purpose.

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      Those re-spawning checkpoints were the worst - If that alone could have been fixed I would have loved Far Cry 2.

        I'm pretty sure that option did get added in a patch, but I think it was something like a year or more after it was released.

        It really WAS crap wasn't it?

        That and 'There's two factions on the island... but we're secretly working with them both but we're not telling them so we're secretly against them both!' meaning 'we're too fucking lazy to code friendly AI...

          'we're too fucking lazy to code friendly AI...
          You mean that small squad of mercenaries that helped you out, whenever you got into serious trouble ? Seemed pretty friendly to me...

        Personally, I loved Far Cry 2, and was able to see past its idiosyncrasies. I can't think of a game that doesn't have some failings in it.

        If the checkpoints didn't respawn, most people would have cleared the island in just over an hour. Ram checkpoint with jeep, detonate explosives attached to jeep, firebomb the huts, shoot the ammo, checkpoint cleared. Rinse repeat.

        It was a game balancing mechanism, otherwise you would be able to race around a wartorn country in full conflict, without encountering any of the bad guys.

          When I discussed this with friends a few years back we decided a middle ground would have been much better - respawning checkpoints after 24 or 48 hours would have been just about perfect. Setting it as a reasonably random time would ensure you don't go rushing across the map unless ou just cleared them out on the current mission - which is when it was most annoying.

      I got Far Cry 2 bundled with my xbox when i bought it. I played it for 20mins tops before trading it in.

      Far Cry 2 was only bad because it was SO GOOD but then they added a layer of badness which took all that goodness and stomped on it.

      I have NEVER understood how it happened. They release a very expensive game, apparently without ever getting anyone to just sit down and play it from scratch. Because I cannot imagine that anyone who did so would not have warned them that the checkpoint stuff and stupid missions ruined an otherwise amazing game.

      You think FC2 was bad ? You should try FC Predators on X360... Worst. Game. Ever.

    Test Drive Unlimited 2. The first one had its problems but I loved the idea. Really thought they would have improved the second one but it had all the same problems and more.

      Yeah I loved the first, because it was just fun to drive around and do stuff. The second, I don't think I even got to a point where I could do that before I gave up.

      I don't know it's name but there was also some Need For Spped game which was horrible. NFS:Shift, possibly. Where it wasn't fun, had too much bullshit.

      The physics in that game were terriballs.

      I'm going to say Brink. So much hype and then we get that crap. I was skeptic of Titanfall's parkour because of Brink but I played the beta and it is awesomely awesome.

        I got way too hyped for Brink, only to be severly let down. So many of my friends got burned on this one too :(

          Haha yeah, I was thinking really hard about mine, but yeah, it was def Brink for me also.

      I agree 100%. While I didn't mind the game and played it a bit (Hey there aren't enough car MMO's), they ruined what could have been a somewhat AMAZING and EPIC game. Too bad that Atari games have been terrible for the past 10 - 15 years (Or atleast all of the atari games I've played).

      Here's my request for another Car MMO but more along the lines of Gran Turismo and Forza. (I haven't played Forza Horizons due to not owning an Xbox, plus the arcade gameplay kinda really deters me :|)

    Lunar Genesis, aka Lunar: Dragon Song. I've played some bad JRPGs before but that one was utterly terrible in every way. You move at a glacial pace, constantly being attacked by random monsters. If you run, it drains health. You can't choose targets for your characters during the turn-based battles, so can't focus on one enemy. It also looked like arse. I don't think I lasted 15 minutes with it.

    EDIT: Eurogamer said it best. "Lunar DS is a disastrous, ruinous game. It devolves every RPG convention to its lowest common denominator until all that is left is a primeval abortion of a videogame."

    "The battle system is comfortably the worst in 20 years of RPGs "

    "Lunar: Dragon Song could, should and would have been the DS's first great JRPG, especially considering its lineage. But rather, what we have here is a wasted opportunity; one that turns your anger to frustration then to plain, empty sadness."

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      Heh, I think I bought that, and it was the only time I've ever taken a game back to EB because it was so terrible. Not being able to target in turn based battles... Couldn't believe it.

    Aliens colonial marines. Hands down

    Duke Nukem Forever.

    Not down with the Far Cry 2 hate. I never played the original so had no expectations and for some reason the whole "Groundhog Day Violence Safari" thing really worked for me.

    CoD: Ghosts. An impulse buy on XBone a few days before the console release - what a waste of 70 bucks that was.
    Before that my biggest disappointment was Shinobi on C64. I saved up all my money as a kid and handed over my $40 when it came out and it was a terrible port. To make matters worse the original game really isn't that good and I repeated the mistake when it was released not too long ago on XBL Arcade. At least this time, when I wasted $5 when it was on special I could play it for a few hours and shelve it forevermore.

      To make matters worse the original game really isn't that good

      I must quote someone... @liondrive lol

      Ehh, your opinion I guess...


      Arcade Shinobi was THE SHIT in its day!!!!! A fantastic game only superseded by Shadow Dancer!

      But yes, C64 Shinobi was *dire*

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        I think it didn't help that I was seriously terrible at playing it (and still am). I finished the C64 version eventually - and I think the XBLA release just reminded me of the mistake I'd made all those years ago.

    Need for Speed Rivals

    OMG, between the gift cards and discount, i only paid $15 for this game and i still feel ripped off. Forced online play thats laggy and just eh. I pretty much gave up with this game when all the racers in this game, started doing circles in and out of a repair garage meaning the cop players couldnt do anything about them or earn EXP

    Enter the Matrix was actually an awesome game. hahah.

      The concept for it made it one of the more entertaining movie tie-in games, but even so I didn't think it was great as a standalone title.

    Iv got a few... Empire Earth 3, i loved the first two and was REALLY looking forward to the 3rd... Until i got it. Of course, the new simcity it even worse!

      I think that's the one my friends and I pirated to try out but couldn't even figure out how to upgrade after an hour. One of our friends did it accidentally but had no idea how.

      Agree about the new Simcity too. They told us in the previews and interviews that we could follow a denizen throughout their day suggesting there was some seriously cool person level simulation happening. Instead we have that crappy agent system that runs so predictably that creating a working city is no longer about style, preference and denizen choice - it's about gaming the system. We know the simulation for Simcity 2k worked in a similar way - but it was never advertised to give us the next generation of simulation either.

    Medal of Honour for the xbox 360. Returned it the same day. Laggy. Oh so laggy. BF4s launch was nothing compared to this steaming pile of crap. I think all the servers were based in the USA too.

      It's so weird seeing Medal of Honour spelled correctly.

    Is that The Matrix: Reloaded for Xbox as the main image? Because I loved that game...

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      Looks like Enter the Matrix to me.

        It is and I bought that... And it was terribad....

        AND SPORE!

          Ugh, Spore. I got burned on that more than most because, like a chump, I bought the collectors Edition because the game's going to be SO GOOD.

          On the upside, the shirt that came with it was pretty good and still wear it on occasions. Was still one damn expensive shirt.

          I concur, I was really looking forward to spore and followed it all the way to release. Biggest disappointment of my life, so far....

        Ahh Enter the Matrix. It seemed kind of cool, maybe a bit rough around the edges, at the start. Then it got vastly more broken and unfinished as you progressed o.0

          First few levels were fun, but after that... oh dear.

          But I have to say, even though it was bad, the true pinnacle of awfulness had to be Syndicate by Starbreeze. Not only nothing like the original, the ending was so weak it was pathetic.
          Bring on Satellite Reign !

            Hahah glad I avoided the Syndicate reboot thing through laziness then :P Sat Rain does look pretty damn promising. As for Enter the Matrix, I actually finished it (or at least one of the storylines, can't remember fully now) and I can remember playing the last level manning a turret fighting squiddies. Damn it was amazingly broken. It was a perfect demonstration of why pushing a release to coincide with a movie feature is a bad idea. Sooooo unfinished o.0

      Yeah I loved that game too, but i did only hire it for a weekend

    America's most wanted..... Yes i was the guy that bought it :P.


      I thought Manhunt was great.

      Manhunt was awesome, only got BETTER when it hit Xbox and the controls got refined and the graphics got upgraded somewhat!

      I loved Manhunt, rented it from the video shop (on PC) before it got banned, never got around to finishing it, think I had to format my hard drive for some reason.

      I found an NTSC copy on PS2 in a Cash Converters about 5 or 6 years ago and snapped it up, sucks that I don't have an NTSC/modded PS2 to play it on.

      Edit: Also found a PAL version on XBox in a shop once, snapped that one up too, sadly I don't have it anymore, stupid me gave it to a friend. Hmmm, I might have to borrow it off him when I visit him next.

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        I managed to snag a copy of it off ebay last year. I wanted to get it as I had just found out about how it got banned and was really lucky to get a copy. I guess I misread the question, I don't necessarily think it's a bad game, but I got so frustrated with the controls, AI and graphics that I only just made it through the first level before storing it away to (hopefully) be sold for millions one day.

        My parents bought me a copy when it was out on PS2 still have it tried to trade it into EB about 5 years ago and they refused it so has been gathering dust ever since.

      do not understand that, man hunt was incredible...

      EDIT; ah i see your reason, yeah i suppose if i played it recently id be disappointed, but back in the day... man

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        Yeah I can imagine. I wish I had it when it was in its prime.

    El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron.

    The game makes no goddamn sense, you have no idea what you're doing or what the hell everything is and they never explain it. Every level is just a long stretch of super repetitive combat in unchanging levels.

    Plus you have to get to NG+ to get access to a HUD so you can see your health bar in the stupidest design decision ever.

      'Saints Row the Third'. Or perhaps 'Of Orcs and Men'

        I was tempted by 'Of Orcs and Men', on the box it looks good, but since I had never heard any buzz about it what-so-ever I decided against it.

          I wouldn't say it was bad. Mediocre at best but not terrible. It had an interesting idea but didn't really do anything with it. Just went a bland safe route with everything.

        Derp, didn't mean to reply to your comment with this one ;)

      I absolutely loved that game. Not having a go, I know everyone has different tastes. That was probably one of the very few games that left me feeling satisfied with my purchase probably because it was bizarre and strange.

        I agree with you on this one. From a creative and visual standpoint, this game was great. There was something new every 5 - 10 minutes. I enjoyed it on that basis alone.

        Gameplay was interesting and combat was too with the different blades but nothing special.

      I bought El Shaddai, never played it and couldn't trade it in because it wasn't rated properly. Gave it to my little cousin for his birthday haha.

    Resident evil 6, I still haven't gone back to it after playing for 1 or 2 nights back when it first came out...
    Final Fantasy X-2, I loved FFX, this game shat all over it and turned the characters into J-Pop stars. I finally gave up on it while playing the mini-game/mission where you had to massage the baddie. Any game that makes me think "if I hear someone coming I'll quickly turn off the TV so they don't see what I'm playing" is about to be turned off for good.

    There's probably 1 or 2 more but I can't think of them right now...

      I bought Resident Evil 6 on sale for $12.

      You would have had to pay me far more than that to play the game beyond the first half hour.

    Oh hey some deja vu...

    Sonic Generations for 3DS. Grabbed it because it was $10, figured it couldn't be that bad for the price.

    I was wrong.

      Yet the console & PC version are just the best thing ever!

    Dunno if it's the worst but I bought the "Balls of Steal" Edition of Duke Nukem Forever, was so hyed and devastated at its crapness, Also CoD: Ghosts super spensive edition with the sh#$%y camera, I wanted a couple of games with my PS4 and thought eh CoD it'll be more of the same....... nope, somehow they made everything about it the least fun CoD ever, I've literally put about 45 minutes into it.
    Edit: I just remembered Sonic and the Secret Rings, my sister got it free with her Wii and gave it to me, I still feel ripped off, worst gameplay, music & concept for a sonic game ever. Totally linear gameplay, sonic just runs forward and you steered him with motion controls, so hideous (If I find that I still own it I may have to burn it)

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      People like to give crap to Sonic '06, but it's entertainingly bad. By contrast, Secret Rings is off the deep end of the Critical Spectrum.

    Battlefield 4, traded it in within hours of getting it, don't understand the appeal of that game.
    Also EA is the devil

      Single player is total Shite! No doubt about it and no one will disagree - but the multiplayer is unbeatable. Especially with the patches finally stabilising and now re-balancing the game. It's only going to get better and better. Plus Except for Metro the Second Assault pack is all kinds of awesome on XBone.

      Just make sure you have a mic and chat to the guys you're playing with - which is easier on everything except the XBone currently. Once you get a little teamwork going you'll be hooked like the rest of us.

        unbeatable is a far stretch, i enjoyed it for a bit.... but no way would i call it unbeatable... COD4 and CS are unbeatable.... and maybe BF1942.

        Eh each to their own, it was my mistake for buying it FPS's haven't done it for me for a long time thought this might be different but alas same old song and dance, traded it in for AC4 never looked back.

    I'd say Duke Nukem Forever but that's almost cheating, plus I returned it for a full refund, PLUS even that mish mash of bad jokes, shitty combat and long load times pales in comparison to Too Human, a crappy, lazy yawnfest based vaguely on Norse mythology where you fight things by ice-skating into them, death is nearly impossible to avoid and every time you do die your main punishment is having to watch a six hour* animation of a valkyrie carrying you into the heavens before you respawn onto the battlefield. I could probably have forgiven the questionable gameplay decisions of the story and characters and voice acting had been in the least bit interesting.

    *might be slightly exaggerated

      best bit of duke nukem was the air hockey table, I had the most fun playing that.

        My wife spent a good 20 minutes making Duke play with the poop she found in the toilet in the locker room, just to hear him whine about it.

        I tried to give the monster on the strategy whiteboard a huge penis, but the controls to draw anything were amazingly unintuitive.

      After waiting for it since its announcement when I was 11, I bought the poster, action figure and the game the day before release for $90. I also bought it on Mac just to see if a computer port would have had better handling. I just like torturing myself in punishment I guess.

    The Simpsons: Bart vs the Juggernauts on gameboy was the first game I ever paid for as a kid and it was terrible. Being a little kid and loving the Simpsons I wanted it to be good and played it non stop but there was no mistaking its crappiness

    The Final Fantasy MMO that came out just after 360 launched. I bought the 360 copy, spent hours installing it and minutes playing it.


    A fortnight ago it was Revolution X, I haven't bought a worse one since then....

    It was actually one of my brother's purchases, but Destroy all Humans: Path of the Furon was pretty disappointing. The first two games were great, but the series really lost its way after Pandemic stopped working on it.

    The game was essentially unfinished and badly balanced. And rather than having humour that drew on the stereotypes of the time period it was set on, this game just got offensive in a number of places.

      You speak a great deal of truth. Sad, sad truth :(

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