When Anime Birthdays Look Like Black Magic

When Anime Birthdays Look Like Black Magic

Kuroko’s Basket is a popular manga and anime. It’s one of the biggest sellers in Japan! And today is the main character’s birthday. Some people are really excited.

To mark Tetsuya Kuroko’s birthday, fans created a Twitter hashtag to upload images of the character, fan art and notes — which is neat.

And since it’s long been a thing in Japan for a select few (I cannot emphasis the word “few” enough) fans to have birthday cakes for anime characters, there are the inevitable cakes too.

Some of them are kind of cute!

Others are a tad freaky!

Having birthday cakes for anime characters in Japan is not mainstream. At all. On 2ch, Japan’s largest forum, some seem weirded out by the cakes, but whatever. These are passionate fans, others say, let them have fun. I agree.

And some of the cakes look to be excuses to show off merchandise — or even, to show off cakes. Then, there’s the element of trying to prove who’s the biggest fan…

If you want to have a birthday party for your favourite character, fine. Do it. Have a blast. And yes, I get it, Tetsuya’s hair is blue, but please, for the love of all things good, knock off the blue light. Makes these look like some kind of manga sorcery.

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