When Mario Meets Seinfeld

When Mario Meets Seinfeld

What would happen if you mashed up Mario and Seinfeld? Well, something like this, probably.

Aside from turning Super Mario Bros. into an existential sinkhole, the combination of Seinfeld and Mario brings up some questions, namely:

1. Who does Princess Peach think is spongeworthy?

2. Did Toad really kill Birdo with toxic glue attached to wedding invitations?

3. Is Luigi a racist, or did he just speak out of turn at that comedy club?

Hey, it's no Seinfeld 2000, but it's a damn sight better than Kong Your Enthusiasm. That show just makes me uncomfortable.

EsquirebobAnimations via Reddit

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    That was sssshhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

    Great idea, terrible execution. Now what we need is Seinfeld introduced into the Mario universe. Jerry stomping on Kenny Bania and Tim Whatley-like enemies before confronting the final boss... Hello, Newman! But wait, there's more! Your girlfriend who you could actually live with instead of dumping them for moronic (albeit funny) reasons is in another castle

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