While You Were Sleeping

Morning Kotaku buddies. Hope you all had a great weekend. This is While You Were Sleeping, where we rub our bleary eyes and take a quick and easy wander through the morning's news.

I like these kinds of stories. I'm just going to leave a brief description here and leave you guys to discover it: this is the story of a man who had to hide his identity to make a video game. You should totally go and read it now.

This is a cool idea for a mod: someone took Grand Theft Auto V and they evaporated the whole entire goddamn ocean. Head here to check it out.

And for those confused and bewildered by Final Fantasy and everything that series represents, this is a good effort at some super quick cliff notes. This is Final Fantasy summed up in a minute!

And we'll wrap up with a couple of Xbox stories: soon we'll be able to buy GoPro cameras with out Xboxes. Very strange product to go with, but there you go! And apparently Xbox One trolls are tricking people into using Bing!

In Short Soon We'll Be Able To Buy GoPro Cameras With Our Xboxes Final Fantasy Summed Up In A Minute Xbox One Trolls Trick People Into Using Bing When You Have To Hide Your Identity To Make A Video Game The Ocean Has Evaporated In This Grand Theft Auto V Mod


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