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Morning morning. It is the indeed early and we are indeed discussing the news. This is While You Were Sleeping and that's how we do!

Looks as though the 'Rockstar trio' is about to be inducted into the DICE hall of fame this year. And by the Rockstar trio I don't mean the three protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V, I'm referring to Dan Houser, Sam Houser and Leslie Benzies. You've probably heard of the Housers, but Menzies is the President of Rockstar North and tends to have a hand in pretty much every game that Rockstar produces.

Daigo, the world's best Street Fighter player has a dark, dark secret. He actually doesn't have console in his home. No, instead he has another apartment stocked with consoles. He uses his own apartment as a place to just chill out and think about anything other than games. Pretty awesome.

This is insane: drones are mapping the entire planet for a video game. Absolutely insane. Take a look at classic cartoon characters as grown ups, and this story is just flat out weird: a fraudster attempts to pretend to be Ubisoft and tries to cancel the Watch Dogs trademark.

On that note, what's happening with Watch Dogs? Seems like a while since we've heard about it.

In Short Rockstar Trio To Be Inducted Into Hall Of Fame At DICE Awards Fraud Pretends To Be Ubisoft, Tries Cancelling Watch Dogs Trademark World Class Street Fighter Player Doesn't Have A Game Console At Home Classic Cartoon Characters As Grown Ups Drones Are Mapping The Entire Planet For A Video Game


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