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Friday already? February already? Dear God. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping! We talk about news and stuff.

So Amazon just bought a video game studio. The studio in question is Double Helix, who most recently made the Xbox One version of Killer Instinct and are currently working on a reboot of retro classic Strider. Why would Amazon do this? What is the plan here? This is very interesting news indeed.

And speaking of studios — this is the story of how one indie game studio made 18 games in three years. Absolutely incredible.

What else happened? Well, you can check out this NSFW Celebrity Toy Story thing... at your disgression! You could take out your anger at Flappy Bird by totally murdering it. Or you could check out three incredible Chinese indie games created in just one weekend. Unreal.

In Short Amazon Just Bought A Video Game Studio Three Amazing Chinese Indie Games Created In Just One Weekend Take Out Your Anger At Flappy Bird By Murdering It Celebrity Toy Story Is NSFW How One Indie Game Studio Made 18 Games In 3 Years


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