While You Were Sleeping

How was your weekend friends? Mine was all about Dark Souls, Breaking Bad, climbing stuff and fixing taps. Yes, I did all of those things. Busy busy. Now it's time to find out what we all missed over the weekend.

The big story is Flappy Bird. This game is taking over. Big time, but the creator of the game totally can't handle the pressure of being responsible for this massive hit, and the negative feedback coming his way. He's taking the game down. He is literally taking the game out of commission. Absolutely insane.

And speaking of the madness of mobile gaming: how about that Dungeon Keeper, huh? I find Mike Fahey's taking super interesting. He's been covering mobile gaming and the whole free-to-play thing for so long that he recognises this is just the norm. Worth reading.

Portal 2. It was and is awesome. This mod takes out the portal gun and it is still awesome!

There's now some BioShock in your Team Fortress 2 and this is Walter White's first 10 years on Facebook.

In Short Breaking Back: Walter White's First 10 Years On Facebook Hey, You Got Your BioShock In My Team Fortress 2 Someone Made A New Portal 2 Campaign... Without Portals Welcome To Mobile Gaming, Angry Dungeon Keeper Fans Flappy Bird's Creator Says He's Taking The Game Down


    Finished Lego Batman 2 100%.

    Scared my pants off playing Outlast, and I was playing during the daytime!

    Got a little bit of AC4 in. But mainly it was Rugby game, pick up stuff for Color Run, Coloro Run, Anchorman 2 at St George Outdoor Cinema.

    And some Magic the Gathering on iPad

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