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Morning everyone! Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. We talk about news. We post pics of sleeping babies for some reason.

Bravely Default. I have a copy on my desk that I haven't even bothered playing yet. I haven't enjoyed a JRPG since Final Fantasy X. But if Luke Plunkett is totally loving the game, maybe I can love it too? Maybe there's hope for me!

One game I don't need help getting excited about is EA Sports UFC. It's the Fight Night team working on a game about a sport I'm obsessed with — MMA. I need this game in my life.

Remember how Heavenly Sword is getting an animated film? Apparently it's all the fault of one Australian lady.

This is what an empty Zynga office looks like and, sadly, it looks like Watch Dogs is delayed on the Wii U.

In Short News Trailer: EA Sports UFC Watch Dogs Delayed On Wii U Australian Anna Torv Is The Reason Why Heavenly Sword Is Getting An Animated Film Huh. So Even I'm Liking Bravely Default. This Is What An Empty Zynga Office Looks Like


    Where did you find a sleeping baby. Mine definitely never, ever does that.

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